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    Steelseries here. The Razer design just doesn't fit my palm and I prefer the Steelseries look anyways. Besides, my keyboard, mouse pad and headset are all Steelseries so it'd look out of place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayEighty View Post
    You're not going to like me after I tell you this, but hold up your mouse to your hear, near the scrollwheel.
    lol, I don't have mine anymore but I will make sure to tell my friend that I gave it to

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    I'd buy a Razer, just not THAT one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vane View Post
    How about a regular mouse with 2 buttons and a scrollwheel. If you need more advanced hardware than that to not suck, then well, you suck.
    That was a unnecessary comment. Some use them for easy buttoning cause they are lazy. Some use them for additional buttons or for easier access. Short version: They are for everyone
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    I'd go with the razer, it just seems to be more full-featured than the steelseries one. Though the steelseries' look is a lot less in your face, I'd much prefer the naga. From the images I think I'd get more out of the naga anyway, and it appears to be a mouse that'd handle well for me

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    Generally speaking the people who insist on spelling it "Razor" are the ones who whine about functionality. Karma, I say.

    I use a naga myself and what can I say? Badass motherfuckery.
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    Possibly, but you're the one calling a man a unicorn because he's got a cone taped to his head.
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    Actually screw all the mouses suggested here. Get this beast.


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    Razer Naga FTW

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    i got a razer naga, i use the Num Settings instead of 123 wich makes the 1-12 buttons on the mouse into buttons like, End, home. quite nice.

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    I myself am getting a razer naga, and it looks kick-ass.
    But the looks good to if you can afford the damn shipping from Europe.

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    I have both mice. The steelseries feels cheap, and after 3 months the clearcoat came off the paint job on it. A big issue is, once that came off, the metallic paint on it started to corrode, turning some buttons green. Also button placement didn't seem to be well thought out. I have two of these, and they both had the same paint failure.

    I bought the naga, and it just has a vastly superior feeling of quality, both with the mouse and the accompanying software. I have even begun to use this mouse for shooters as well, due to its excellent tracking and the simple fact that with most shooters, weapon switching is already bound to number keys. I am using this in conjunction with my old, 1st gen Logitech G15 and the combination gives me more space to put commands then I need.... I would say go with the naga for sure.

    also, damn you Logitech for not making an mmo mouse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumrush View Post
    also, damn you Logitech for not making an mmo mouse!
    they did make one... It's called G700 and it costs 100 euros... god I wish i could turn back time so I could buy one instead of G9x Laser...

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    i love my steelserieres wow mouse. its extremely comfortable, cool glowing changable lights, easy to use functions, and my gaming has stepped up ten fold from using it. =D

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    bought it a week ago to get used to it before cata, and i am happy
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    I thoroughly enjoy my Rat9.

    Wireless, plenty adjustable, and has enough buttons to keep me happy.

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    just got my naga a month or so ago. yup it over kill but so dam good!

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    Most mice discussed here are good . But for MMO Gaming the Razer naga is pretty much King ... Having all buttons clustered together makes it easier . The G700 has 3 button on the left click wich is wierd . The Steel Series has lose single keys throught its layout . People might argue but if you move the mose alot and you want to click buttons throught the mouse it is going to be easy . With all buttons next to the thumb , its very easy to keep the mobility with the mouse while pressing them . And another thing to not , the NAGAS buttons ARE NOT FLIMSY they require a decent amount of preasure to click , the accidental click will be almost NON existant! I havent used a MMO Mouse from SteelSeries nor have I used the g700 however the WoW mouse has negative feedback while most/all owners of a razer naga are extremly satisfied

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creomortis View Post
    buy something that wont break: logitech g9x
    I'm currently using the G9x along with a G15 keyboard. Binding the G keys to the numpad basically gives you an extra 6 keys on your keyboard in your WSAD range and having a nice comfy mouse that isn't complicated is great. The Rat7/9 do look very sexy too... I wish I had seen those before I bought my G9x as it would've given me something to think about.

    I know some people do swear by the Naga, but being a keyboard-button / mouse-turner, 12 or so extra buttons where my thumb grips the mouse would just end in tears. Of the people that I know that like the Naga, most of them are healers, which makes sense for mouseover-grid applications instead of having to use ctrl/shift/alt for everything. So yeah... dps/tank... not so much, dedicated raid healing... sure, maybe.

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