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  • Demonology.

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    Priest vs Warlock.

    So -- I've been really bored on my main lately, and I've decided to start a new toon as soon as 4.0.3a launches. I previously had a lot of choices, but it has been boiled down to this: Priest vs. warlock.

    As priest, I would of course be shadow, and as warlock... well, I guess I'd be Demonology, since it sounds coolest.

    Here's my question: which is the funniest spec to level? Shadow or Demonology? Which is funniest at 80? And why?

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    Shadow priest all the way! No doubts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zplasch View Post
    Shadow priest all the way! No doubts!
    Why? What is it that makes shadow superior?

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    dots dots

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    Coming from an ex-warlock: go SP. They have more dots and better cooldowns. On top of that they look better and they can faceroll pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratlim View Post
    Coming from an ex-warlock: go SP. They have more dots and better cooldowns. On top of that they look better and they can faceroll pvp.
    What about Axe Toss > Felstorm > dead? :>

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    I would say Demonology Warlock, but it may be just me, because I just love warlock style But also, demonology is great for Solo, with the felguard which just demolishes everything in its way with its Lolstorm Also as you progress you get Hand of Gul'dan which is just great with the root and stuns, good for keeping your enemy away from you, maybe followed by your felguards axe stun. And finally you get Metamorphosis, which is just imba in terms of PvE, Soloplay and AoE, and you can come up with this formula: Meta + Immolation Aura + Felguard + Hellfire = Ash Around You In a Circle
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    Good fight Thrall, oh btw, your wife is pregnant. SURPRISE!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratlim View Post
    Coming from an ex-warlock: go SP. They have more dots and better cooldowns. On top of that they look better and they can faceroll pvp.
    warlocks are hard to play ok.

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    because managing a pet thats carrying you is more fun than melting faces yourself (blowing minds yo)

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    So what's better for low-level PvP? BGs etc..

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    Spriest all the way . More dots!

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    Demonology is a lot of fun ecspecially when soloing higher level content. Having the demon is a completely different style to the gameplay. Warlocks in general are fun even if you're affliction or destrution, I wouldn't reccomend destro for leveling though. I am biased because I have been playing locks since 2005, never rolled a priest.

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    i play a shadowpriest and i've played at 85 on beta, and i'm telling you shadow is amazing.

    at 85, with mindspike, you can pretty much drop someone to half health on an opener. (spikex3, MB - crit stun, skull rape!).

    i have a lock at 80 too, and i say go shadow priest.

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    Haha Keule,you made me try to kill a bug that wasn't on my screen...

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    My main is a spriest and i'm bored as fuck of shadow, but i was pretty much in love with it since pre-wrath patch. I'm biased but i'd say go spriest as healing can be pretty fun for an offspec. As has been stated, shadowform is sexy.

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    Easily demo warlock over spriest. Warlock over priest in general. Warlocks are, in my mind, far and away the easiest, most efficient and most fun class to level and play. With Harvest Soul, any spec effectively has no downtime over 10 seconds. Demo has been buffed out the wazoo, you pretty much have an arms warrior as a pet. For example, I just spent the last 20 minutes completely depopulating Valiance Keep whilst demo specced. Was heaps of fun, didn't die once and was super quick. Being able to do things like that are what make a spec fun I think.

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    The funniest would be the one with the best jokes, obviously.

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    S.Priest + Warlock = Affli warlock

    Theres your answer....

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    kinda depends on playstyle

    If u are strugling between affliction vs shadow priest go shadow priest because shadow priest is affliction lock on steroids

    If u enjoy complex rotation and pet managing go demonology lock
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    I'm not sure why you're comparing a Shadow Priest and a Demonology Warlock? You could roll a Warlock and be Affliction, which is exactly the same as a Shadow Priest minus a few things, and you could also be Demonology when you're bored of Affliction or vise versa. Comparing a class to another class, which your class already has the spec of another class is kind of contradicting, and confusing just like this sentence.

    Shadow Priest is completely face roll, which is why a lot of people are good at it. A Warlock has a lot more buttons to key bind, which separates the good Warlocks from the bad. I guarantee you 80% of the Warlocks out there don't have almost all of their combat abilities key bound whereas a Shadow Priest can key bind all of its useful abilities in like 10-12 buttons.
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