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    Banner for a Croatian WoW fan site.


    Recently a Croatian fan site was opened, and we currently don't have any GFX designers so we'd like to ask you guys to help us and make a banner in couple of dimensions for us.

    We dont have any special requests, just a nice fitting banner.

    this is a pic we got http://croatiawow.com/files/img/logo.png (Hrvatska = Croatia)

    Our primary dimension is 128x40 but we also could use it in larger dimensions...

    If anyone can take a bit of their time and help us with this!

    This is the site: http://croatiawow.com/


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    I think you're better of here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...banner+request

    Good luck
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    Hey a friend of mine is an artist and Croatian and going to school for graphic design amongst other things. He however doesn't play wow but PM me your email and I'll try to get you guys hooked up if you want. I'm sure he could help you guys out alot since in my experience Cro's are always willing to help eachother.

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