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    New AGP GPU for cata

    Well im looking to get a new GPU for cata, and my question is, is there any AGP card that will run cata on low-mid graphics, or should i just look to get an all new computer with PCI-E instead.
    Thanks in advance.

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    there might be however keep in mind if you're still running an agp graphics card everything you have is a bottleneck
    If you are capable of building a new system I highly recommend starting over and building a budget machine
    and if you don't wanna spend the money on a new operating system you more then likely can keep you old one long as its windows xp or better.
    tigerdirect offers a few agp cards but again they more then likely wont give you the kind of performance boost you are looking for

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    AGP is dead. Get a new PC.
    If you insist of getting an AGP card - there were some AGP cards from the ATI HD4000 series. But even if you can find one, your CPU will bottleneck it.

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