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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkdruidelf View Post
    Night elf mages. Thats how.
    You saying this shows you really know nothing of the Lore, and therefore cannot say anything about it.

    Night Elf Mages are known as "The Highborn." These are the Night Elves who followed Queen Azshara when they discovered Magic from the Well of Eternity. Through events, the Burning Legion tried to enter the world through the Well of Eternity and eventually caused the first Shattering of Azeroth. Magic was then banned from being used within Night Elf Society.

    Some Night Elves tried to use Magic anyways and were then Exiled from Night Elf Society... Some of them continued to be Highborn, while others went off and became what we know now as Blood Elves. So yes, Night Elf Mages make perfect Sense.
    Quote Originally Posted by Speaknoevil View Post
    This is good, be a man about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Potatofever View Post
    all I've ever wanted was a gnome druid :'(
    Didn't make these, but enjoy

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    Tauren Lore wise do not use Destructive magic.
    Paladins are Cool Now?
    What happen to Kalgan?

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    I'm more mad that Alliance have 3 races to be pallys, Horde have 2. That's all fine and dandy.

    I don't like that Horde have 4 races that can be shamans, Alliance have 2.

    Worgen shaman imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandible View Post
    Need Troll Paladins
    QFT. please Blizz I'll give you a hug
    maybe the rarest pepe was the friends we made along the way

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    WTB Gnome Hunter CMON DO IT!

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    can pretty much start w/e you want any race with some limitations with druids, paladins and shamans. Awesome =)

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    lol. i can allready see it.

    Gnome says: "I want to be a huner. Let's go tame a pet so we can start this adventure."
    Gnome looks around for a trustworthy companion, and finally sets his eye on this wonederful tiger/wolf/whatyouwantittobe.
    "OK! i'm going to tame you now"
    Wolf uses devour on gnome.
    Gnome gets eaten alive.
    Gnome died.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squeekly View Post
    You know when your making a DK the endfight.. theres an undead holy dude fighting against you... I thougth that guy was like retarded or something.. was he a pally or just holy priest? (I think he had pl8 on though..)
    Did you honestly abbreviate plate as pl8? We've reached a new level of lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tubii22 View Post
    imo every race should be able to be any class, lorelol is fcked up anyways

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    Sounds about right to me.
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    I want Tauren Mages!
    Think of all the naming possibilities!
    Fire Mage names: Male Tauren- Welldone
    Female Tauren- Hotpinkcenter
    Either- Flamebroiled
    Frost Mage Names: Either- Neverfrozen or Alwaysfresh
    Arcane Names- Who Cares!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caiden View Post
    And? are you implying you want an Orc priest?

    Why? Orcs in lore technically can be priests... Look up Pyremasters, they are a form of Priest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merp View Post
    I think it's quite dumb and unfair that some races can be all classes but one and other races cannot be up to four classes.
    I think it's quite dumb and unfair that some races got three playable new classes while other races only got one.
    And don't tell me it's because of the Lore (which I care much about), because Tauren paladins are silly enough...
    Slow down, boy. I'm glad you are not a Draenei...

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    Orc Rogues make perfect sense. They are very stealthy! Try to find the Rogue in this pic:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swollen View Post
    Food For Thought: If there was no lore in WarCraft then what really separates it from the other MMOs that none of us play? In other words why would this game be that special? If there was no lore then no one would play.
    I'm sure a lot of people play because of the lore of this game , Personally it has little impact on how I choose to play or what I chose to play in terms of race/class . Overall it has 0 impact on my choice to play this game or why I started it in the first place or why I continue to play it.

    I think the reason people play this game over other MMO's is even with the dodgy gfx it has the slickest implementation of classes/abilities and overall feel to the atmosphere and advancement through the game that no other MMO has.

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    I still require Gnome Hunters that can only tame critters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knighthonor View Post
    Tauren Lore wise do not use Destructive magic.
    Hmmm, odd, Taurens are a shamanistic society... and you know, I seem to recall something about lightning being able to... you know... destroy stuff.

    I could be off on my physics though, lightning might feel good. ;-)
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    Wat I thik?
    I thik this fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daragonis View Post
    I'm more mad that Alliance have 3 races to be pallys, Horde have 2. That's all fine and dandy.

    I don't like that Horde have 4 races that can be shamans, Alliance have 2.

    Worgen shaman imo.
    Now why was i under the impression that worgen were going to be able to be shaman. Obviously lately it's been confirmed that they're not, so i assume it must have just been my imagination.

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