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    Backing up / migrating WoW

    Alas, my Dell XPS-M1730 laptop is crying out in pain and I need to send it to the doctor (repair) in the hopes she'll be well and home before 12/7 (which coincidentally is when the warranty expires).

    While the issues to be serviced aren't software related and don't concern the HD (as best I suspect), I still want to take steps in advance so that if it is returned with a wiped drive I can restore it quickly, at least as far as WoW -- the largest component of my stored data -- is concerned. Running on a cellular network modem, the task of downloading what a Blizzard tech rep told me would be about 22 GB for a full d/l of the game would have me waiting a solid week + before I could play, not to mention what it would do to my bill >.<

    So I went out and picked up a Seagate portable USB drive which I'm thinking should be up to the task (it has more storage than the laptop's built-in HD). If I copy the entire [World of Warcraft] folder to it, would I be 'good to go' by simply copying it back to the laptop afterwards, or for that matter, to a new PC when I upgrade? (though the laptop runs Windows Vista 32, while when I get a new PC it will be on Windows 7 Home, 64 bit). Is there anything else I would need to do to make that work, or am I deluding myself in thinking that it would work in any way in the first place?

    Sorry for asking questions so simple that you're probably scratching your head and thinking 'geez, how did this guy even figure out how to open a browser?' but thanks in advance for your advice.
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    Yes. If you copy the entire folder to a USB drive, you can simply copy it back later. Be sure to run WoW via Launcher.exe for the first time you run it on the new setup, though, as this will reset the necessary registry keys.

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