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    Loved the post. its beeing shared to FB, Twitter and mass emails as we speek.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CptAwesome View Post
    Wasted effort really, bad players are bad mainly out of ignorance. The people that need to read such basic tips on how to play won't be visiting community sites.
    if you help one tard and it's not a wasted effort

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    You forgot to add to reroll if you play a warrior, since they're practically useless in smaller groups unless you're playing as a tank.

    I'm not saying I don't like these changes, because honestly I concider myself a person that can think logically. But I wouldn't mind classes that has abseloutly no reliable CC would get something that can only affect the gameplay in PvE perspective. Who would take a warrior or DK above any other class with reliable and consistent CC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CptAwesome View Post
    Wasted effort really, bad players are bad mainly out of ignorance. The people that need to read such basic tips on how to play won't be visiting community sites.
    Like I said. Make it your mission to find at least one other person that needs to read this and try and entice him to do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lotharion View Post
    It's kind of unnecessary. Most of those things are common sense.

    It's sad to think that common sense needs to be taught to people. Really sad.
    That can be applied to every level of human depravity in the REAL world.......... of Warcraft. No seriously, the real world too.

    It should not be viewed as sad, but as an opportunity for the people who know better to raise the bar and set better standards for others to strive towards. Instead of engaging in the "us and them" mentality. It has no real value to just express yourself as better than others, or others as worse than you.
    - Furthermore I am of the opinion that the concept of heroics should be destroyed. There is no logical argument for reducing the amount of variety in content, to replace it with different lvls of difficulty. That's like completing an MGS game in a particularly odd way to obtain an item that you can then do the exact same with once again. It is not only retarded by it's very acceptance into our gaming community, but it is also contributing to lowering the overall demand of the individual gamer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett Skullcrack View Post
    I agree with everything except this. When the content gets tough it is very, very important that there is one person that knows all the pulls, sets the kill order, decides what to CC and makes sure nothing is pulled before the group is ready. This could in theory be anyone, but in practice it will always be the tank.

    So: You ARE the master of the group. It is your responsibility to know every pull and every boss. Lay out the kill orders, CC and tactics. Tell the group to stop when the healer needs to drink and tell the group to go when everyone is ready. In WotLK groups didn't need leaders since everyone could just charge in and go all out AoE. All the stupid things that people pulled in WotLK dungeons that could be easily fixed by the tank will now wipe your group in Cata, you cannot let this happen.
    There is a difference between leading or coordinating the group and the I am the most important person, you have to do what ever I say because I have instant queues mentality that many tanks seem to have now. Anyone with the appropriate knowledge can do a good job of leading the group. It doesn't have to be the tank but it does have to be done. The tank does seem to be the default in many groups, especially in the random dungeon finder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal View Post

    thank you for this post. however I'm afraid that the mass majority of wotlk players who will emoragequit multiple times in cata will not read this.
    The amount of truth emanating from this post is astounding. I noticed a huge difference between people who played in BC and people who played in WotLK even. Being a BC baby myself and having seen shit like H MGT in it's prime glory, I cannot wait for these new dungeons and actually having difficult dungeon runs again. I also can't wait to see the WotLK babies who thought they were so pro and succeeded oh so well in WotLK, be cast off into nothingness with this expansion. >
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    Class post to the OP.
    I just hope when i start playing again come Dec 7th, other have read this and will remember/learn what a "Skillful" game this is. Not a gunhooo i am god that some think it is.

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    You sir just made my day! So by the sound of it raiding will be a lot like TBC or did i get it wrong?
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    Number 2 on DPS for sure, DPS durring wraith seems to get the idea in their head that if they pull off the tanks its his/her fault for not having enought aggro, if they died its because the healer wasn't keeping up.

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    It's a bit sad that you have to made this kinda of thread :S
    i mean, the sad part that this is actually what the 70% of the WoW Community needs to read to stop being retards, when this should be accomplished by our common sense :S

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    Christ pretty much all of this is common sense to me. 70% of all people I find in randoms are so terrible.

    I hope people read and follow this.. Less headaches please.

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    great post man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    I can't believe that this went up on the front page of MMO-Champion.

    I know in part I'm preaching to choir here, as many of the people who come to MMO-Champ view this stuff as common sense. That said, if I can get one single player who doesn't have the experience, comfort level, or knowledge that some of us do to read this and take anything at all away from it, I've done my job, and am happy with the effect of this thread.

    I am absolutely directing this at Wrath players. However, I am NOT directing this threat at Wrath "babies." That is why I specifically avoided using that term. This thread is not saying that anyone who started in WotLK is bad. What it is saying is that EVERYONE who played during WotLK, regardless of when you started, developed bad habits that may need to be broken in order to survive the beginning of Cataclysm, when we have less knowledge of the fights, and lower quality gear. A Wrath player is not someone, as some people are assuming, who started playing in Wrath, but is someone who played the expansion at all.

    i cant either, boub must not be the only one running the front page these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnyxRayzor View Post
    Christ pretty much all of this is common sense to me. 70% of all people I find in randoms are so terrible.

    I hope people read and follow this.. Less headaches please.
    Just 70%? My god, what server are you ON? I'd gladly trade lol.

    But yeah, I remember TBC, oh what good fun it was to be kiting mobs in 5-mans! Also, i practically kept Freeze trap on CD >90% of the time. Hopefully, heroics can have a moron check, I mean seriously, why else is it called HEROIC? Also, in Wrath, gear progression was terrible. Instead of the natural fresh 70-normal-heroic-next tier progression, it was fresh 80-heroic-ToC-ICC. Hope that will be fixed, and I think each raid tier (including heroic) should only give badges that can be used to buy gear one tier above, instead of 3 tiers above.

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    The good players already knew this, and the bad will not care enough to learn.

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    Absolutely agree with you in every way here man. I started playing exactly 1 month after wrath came out and I have to say im no where near as good as id like to be. I am alright at damage though sometimes i get tunnel vision and focus to much on one mob or stand in the fire for a second to long. When I heal my biggest problem in predicting where damage it going to go, as for mana I cast spells in a group almost every second but I make sure im not casting big ones for little damage and I usually last long with it. When I tank (my weakest aspect) I usually get so focused on aggro I forget my CD's and sometimes thunder clap without a thought and break a CC, but im getting better and working at it all the time. I really hope Cata will force me to get better when the time comes =)

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    If this isnt sticky'd, DO IT NAO!

    Okey, i reached level 10 the 17 December 2009 and i take this post vary informative.

    Thank you, sir. *Salutes*

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    Excelent post, and you manage to avoid making it the least bit pretentious, despite pointing out all of the huge failures that many of the so-called wrath players do. A shining beacon of hope amongst all of the bad forum posts I continuously see!
    One thing to note, the "kill priority" thing - It should be noted that this is a very generalised thing, and that the special abilities mobs have can often really make the difference above their "role".
    Examples: Azjol-nerub start, skirmishers that pick a target and nuke them - Much more dangerous than the other adds. Most people nuke the caster first (which is one of the least dangerous)
    Halls of lightning, the guys who do the flurry - Much more dangerous than the ones who do the small heals.

    In short, it's worth remembering that if something does something dangerous that can horribly mangle your group, it should be top priority - then healers, then whatever hurts most (often a caster, but plenty of exceptions). Sounds like common sense, but so many people just don't think about these things any more

    Honestly though, what I would say is the biggest help, and a lot of your points fit into this, is.. If you think you can do something small to help the group, it should be done. A lot of people go into groups with the attitude "lol its a hc, cba to make effort", and don't make any effort to do anything beyond pick a target and do a DPS rotation. A lot of your points adress solutions to, uh, "symptoms", but in the end, its the attitude that really needs to change, to cope - People need to be doing their best to make things smoother, not just no-braining it with minimal effort.
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    Cata will separate the "WotLK players" from the rest.

    what I mean is if you started playing at the end of BC you didn't experience the "real" raids. The real raids where you had 40 people in it and 10 were on crowd control.

    this will be refreshing and is much needed in the game today. WotLk players will have to L2P all over again. Even if you don't think you will, you will !


    TY for the post. IF just one person reads it and gets it, it is worth it.

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    It's a good post and all. But I personally think the good people already know this. And the people that do the stupid stuff in your pugs probably won't care enough to learn. Although i guess there's the middle group that would take something from this.

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