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    Quote Originally Posted by ostjaevel View Post
    99% chance that you will get a storm of people saying Razer <insert model here>.
    Personally, im using a Logitech MX Revolution along with a Logitech G15.
    RAZER NAGA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I use Razer naga (oldschool edition)

    and its very nice. 17 buttons, good grib and looking handsome

    I use a Razer arctosa as keyboard and its fine.
    good keyboard for a low price.
    but i hear that the logitech G15 is awesome.

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    Logitech G5 and G15, works rly nice (:
    Like that.

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    Best mouse ive ever tryed which i had to buy, Razer Mamba.

    Best keyboard ive tryed, Logitech g15 or some razer keyboard i cant remember the name off ;p both was epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-man View Post
    dont get am mouse with lots of buttons.
    Lmao, worst opinion ever. If you want to optimize your gaming to its best potential, get a mouse with 5+ buttons.

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    Keyboard - Dont care about extra fancy buttons but a short key press is a must for me. My laptop one is nice for that reason. Dell's current keyboards have a short press too, as do Apple's.

    Mouse - Had a Logitec VX revolution for 3 years before the rubber pads wore through (mouse still worked) scanned the market to find a lovely new replacement and nothing matched it for ergonomics and button layout/function. Went on ebay and bought another VX which I hope will last me another 3 years, was only £30! The scroll wheel can free wheel, its lovely, and there is a total of 11 button movements that can be keybound etc.

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    I'm a healer and I raid with the Razer Naga. Having all my heals, dispels, and other cooldowns bound to my mouse buttons with mouseover macros is totally awesome and I don't think I can live without it now.

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    omg that razer anansi keyboard, 7 thumb keys! gief
    im using roccat arvo which has 3 thumb keys, and trust me.. theyre very useful indeed

    razer anansi + razer naga = win
    damn i want them xD

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    I dont use a mouse most of the time XD i use a g19+ g13 and when doing a fps i use the g13 + razer Lachesis
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    I use G15 and the Naga, love them both to hell. Razer mouses are in a league of there own from what i have experienced, but i would stick with the logitech keyboard although i have never tested a Razer one.

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    I got a Razer Naga a few days ago, and it's amazing, I highly reccomend it.

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    I use a G5 and a G15, and I love them both. I actually don't use the macro buttons on the keyboard as much as I anticipated I would - actually I never use them - but it's still a cool/good quality gaming keyboard with an LCD screen.

    The mouse is great. It doesn't have a lot of buttons, but you don't need a lot of buttons on your mouse. All I program are two additional thumb buttons, and a left/center/right click scrolling wheel. You can easily get 20 keybinds on it (5 standard buttons, 5 shift+buttons, 5 alt+buttons, 5 f+buttons), and I really find no need to bind more keys than that to your mouse. It's reasonably priced compared to expensive Razers, feels great, looks cool, has variable speeds, has weights to adjust to your liking, is wired, etc. It's the perfect mouse if you would feel like a fool for spending $130 on a mouse, like me.
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    Keyboard - Razer Lycosa
    Mouse - Razer Lachesis !

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    Seriously, you don't know what you're missing if you don't have one of these. Movement on the thumbstick, leaving all buttons for keybinds and your mouse free for looking. I don't use my keyboard except to type.

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    Get a Razer Naga and a G15. It's still the best "G" series board and between the Naga's button layout and feel, it's probably the best mouse available right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tueland View Post


    The new Logitech G13 gamepad is really tempting for me to buy though.

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    Razer Naga, original. Bloody sick and I found it was about the same price as half the other gaming mouses our there but with 10x more buttons and just down right awesome. Have had it since it came out and not one problem with it so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ostjaevel View Post
    99% chance that you will get a storm of people saying Razer <insert model here>.
    Personally, im using a Logitech MX Revolution along with a Logitech G15.
    i have this same setup since i started playing, i don't want anything else anymore.

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    Every Razer product I've owned (2 keyboards, 2 mice, and a headset) has totally bugged out after about a year of use, while my ORIGINAL Logitech G15 (the blue one) and my Logitech MX Revolution are still going strong from getting them on the day they became available in stores. Go Logitech.
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