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    I'm basicly just wondering why my message isn't coming through?
    I just explained why i love my new periph combo ...
    G13 + Naga and a G15 i still had to type chat...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinni View Post
    How exactly do you manage to break them? I still have a wireless logitech MX(something) mouse going strong after 6 years. And my Logitech G15 lasted me 3 years before I sold it on with my gaming PC.

    But yes I do agree the price is still very high compared to other products that offer the same functionality.

    As for the Nostromu, (forgive the inaccurate spelling) I have several guildies who swear by it! I am looking to give it a try.
    Tbh idk besides LOTS of use, I really and honestly have bough A LOT of logitech headset mice and keyboards and I still love their stuff more than most any other brand you can find at Radio Shack / Wal-Mart but they always seem to break on my within a few months, so much so that I started buying the insurance packages so I could replace them cheaper. Also their wireless royally frustrates me, loses connection on and off from 6 inches away because it goes through half and inch of particle board....

    Quote Originally Posted by Vyxion View Post
    I'm basicly just wondering why my message isn't coming through?
    I just explained why i love my new periph combo ...
    G13 + Naga and a G15 i still had to type chat...
    I was going to get both of those before I got my Naga and Lycosa but simply put the screens were rather useless (Especially if you have 2 screens already) and the ergonomics of both were really not that satisfying at all. In fact I liked several of their other non gaming additions key boards much better.

    The Nostromo is imo much better than the G13 especially for comfort, but also for its really good macro and profile programs.

    As for people saying Razer is more expensive to gain less. I have checked the main competitors. Steel Series, Logitech, Razor ect and Razor is typically the cheapest and imo most well thought out as far as button positioning is concerned. Steel Series was the most expensive with the least features and worst reviews.

    If you are gonna get anything Razer do it from they have everything cheaper by about 10-15 bucks.
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    can have a mouse for 10$ and a keyboard for 10$ and still own noobs
    some spend 200 $ and still suck
    go for comfort.

    User was infracted for thread necro.
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    This is the biggest thread bump I have ever seen. Almost a year.

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    Necro-master indeed, this thread is from 2010
    100% awesome.

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    Rise. Riiiiiiiiiise

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