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    Best Holy Priest Race?

    What is currently the best holy priest race? Human, draenei, gnome? Etc. Thanks!

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    I'd say Blood Elf for pve.

    edit: I'd expect Arcane Torrent to get nerfed sooner or later though.
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    Blood Elf.
    6% total mana every 2 minutes is already quite good, but in Cata it's going to be undoubtedly the best racial for healers.

    I think it's on the edge of being "too good". I love it because I'm a Blood Elf but I also hate it because I want to go Undead :P


    I see you only mentioned Alliance races in your post.
    Gnome Priests are pretty sweet because of the 5% extra mana and the extra root/snare dispel.
    Human (female!) Priests have 3% extra Spirit which is also nice and their racial can come really handy in PvE.

    I'd probably pick Gnome if I was Alliance.
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    Just saw your edit. Thats what I was thinking. Thanks nevermore!
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    Undead's pretty cool... but having been undead since day one I am friggin sick to death of me char [pun intended...] - so I'm race switching to Tauren when I can just for the sake of it! :P

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    Best Alliance: Gnome
    Best Horde: Blood Elf
    Best overall: Gnome

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    Meh too bad its Belf and Gnome, yeah as everyone else stated.

    But I have to say that Will of the Forsaken saved me and my guild some deaths too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevermore View Post
    Blood Elf.
    6% total mana every 2 minutes is already quite good, but in Cata it's going to be undoubtedly the best racial for healers.
    On the contrary, it was the best by a long (looooooooooong) shot before Cata. As of this morning it is now #2. The +5% mana from Gnomes is worth more. Blizz most likely balanced it around the assumption that 6% mana every 2 minutes and 5% max mana with Replenishment work out to the same mana gain. The problem with this is that Shadowfiend and Hymn aren't included. As soon as you start using them Gnome immediately passes Blood Elf on regen. If you stack them it gets worse. The gap is significantly wider for Discipline.

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    Troll, idc what you think. TROLL

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    Quote Originally Posted by d j bawl View Post
    Troll, idc what you think. TROLL

    But honestly I don't think at max lvl the racial make that huge of a difference so I would say play what race you like the most.

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    Depends, I guess. For appearance, I'd say female Blood Elf for Horde, and female Night Elf... but that's just my personal preference.

    As far as abilities, I'd say Draenei for Alliance for the extra HoT, or Blood Elf (again) for Arcane Torrent.

    But it's up to you, in the end. I recommend not choosing a race for it's abilities, just choose the race you'd like to play. Makes it more fun.
    Do or do not. There is no "try."

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    Pick based on what you like to look at, but I went human for 3% spirit, a free trinket (it's pretty useful), and the increased rep gain. God the increase to rep is worth it alone imo

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    I'm pretty sure there's a stickied thread with that answer.

    Oh wait, there is! (And now I know how many read them )
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    My fav will always be dwarf priest.

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    I picked Night Elf because they are my favorite race. But I'd say that a Gnome would be the best. But if you're rolling Horde, go with a Blood Elf.

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    Unless you're in one of the top guilds and your guild will kick you for not being the best race, be what you want to. I rolled a troll priest, because, well, trolls, man. Trolls.

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    I love my undead priest sure he may not have the best racial but i just like the thought of a dead guy healing people

    As far as racials go though i would have to agree with Blood elf for horde and gnome for allience

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    if there are any corpses while fighting bosses, UD will be pretty OP due to Canibalism ;-)

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