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    DK Warglaives

    Got em? Gonna get em? Who was first to get a set? I have mine on my DK right now, after having raided on my hunter until wrath came out, and it's pretty nice having a DK with Warglaives and Shattered Sun Title

    So, how about you guys?

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    They're rogue/warrior only, no?

    edit; my bad, sorry, just looked it up at wowhead.
    You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I'm around, you'll always be second best, see?
    Oh, and no comment from Xe'ra about how the assault on the black temple was being led in part by the naaru. So was hatred corrupting A'dal's mind too, you pretentious windchime?
    - Volpethrope

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    Nope, damn Blizz changed to rogue/warri/failknight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emeraldon View Post
    They're rogue/warrior only, no?
    Check his join date and number of posts there, champ.
    -= Eph =-

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    DK warglaives eum? Wait? Shoild i go farm them on my DK now? o.O

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    Nope. For one my Dk is level 80, secondly.. The glaives don't belong to any DK's. Rogues, awesome. Warriors - sure. DK's? Bah, I say.

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    Not a troll, just never felt like making an account.

    Armory Invaishir on Trollbane-US, you'll see

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    Think I'll start running some BT now :<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ephineh View Post
    Check his join date and number of posts there, champ.
    He's not trolling.
    Proof: (sry for german client, todesritter = deathknight)

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    I so want it on my Paladin They look awesome.... At least the Main-Hand....(since we cant use off-hands...)

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    not got, guilds gonna farm them though in cata for the guild legendary achieve..
    I'm 2nd on the list as we have a rogue with 1/2 already.

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    Now they need to change Thori'dal to Hunter only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ephineh View Post
    Check his join date and number of posts there, champ.
    Ye, so what? You dont HAVE to post here bcuz your a member, and he might've been away from MMO for a long time?

    LOL, look at your post count, 8 posts this month..

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    And you don't have to be a member to read.

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    Haha, that's pretty sick I had no idea it was even possible

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    hmm that is a great news! I must have them

    after race change to worgen and green Magma set in Cata they will look awsome

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    Lame. nothing else to add

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    i never understood why the bow wasn't hunter only, but with this change i don't understand why they didn't add hunter to the glaves if there gonna add dks, they are very well itemized for hunters also and there old content so why not?

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    Before anybody asks:

    -Illidan is possibly not soloable (I know, we all said the same about Kael'thas in TK, and now look at raegwynn) unless he doesn't spawn is Beasts, if you're alone. (I doubt this)

    Because if they target you, you are unable to do anything until they reach you and you die.

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