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    Angry <ALLIANCE> Durnholde Keep - Thrall <- Bugged, can't talk?

    topic says everything... well is that me or none can do now Durnholde keep?
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    Seems to be across the board. My level 67 paladin (who has done the quest) can't talk to him in random BGs nor can my main when I can go in there solo.

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    You need the quests before hand to do Durnhole from what I was reading. Sadly Bliz opened up Durnhole without fixing it to where we need that quest.

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    I entered at 66 earlier, Found no one could talk to thrall, So i went and picked up the quests outside, COmpleted it in another run, Then back there again in the random queue 20 mins later and could talk to him again without anyone having the quest.

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