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    Justice point rewards

    So it seems you can now buy JP stuff from vendors in new Ogrimmar. Does anyone have any idea what an assassination (maybe combat too) rogue should be buying of those I think at least the 1.4 speed offhand dagger and some haste leather could be a fine purchase, then grind JP back to 4k and maybe buy some more. Anyone else bought something yet, or thinking of buying?

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    You can't purchase them until level 85.

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    u cant buy yet, it requires being 85

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    What is that so? Well that saves me a lot of thinking... bah. I just checked that I could try to purchase it and it said "you really want to use xxx points to..." so I thought you can buy them. Well, apologies for an useless thread.

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    Best things to buy first are the dagger and either the shoulder, gloves or helm. All of the other items have comparable (if not better) rep rewards.

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