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    Ashenvale Quests

    I think there's a bug regarding the achievment Ashenvale Quests. Although I have scoured the region, I am still stuck at 66/80
    I checked the quests available on sites like wowwiki or wowhead and a few of them were never offered to me
    Any ideas?

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    Check your bag for quest items? (items with a big yellow ! on them) .. if u use default bags that is.

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    Do breadcrumbs leading into Ashenvale count?
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    Missing 8, myself.

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    I was randomly killing things in hillsbrad the other day and came across two different sets of mobs that had a red ! Above their head. Curious I killed them and they both gave me a quest to complete and the second one had a follow up second quest.
    This might be what you need Hope this helps

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    Missing about 17 quests myself and none of the npcs seem to offer me any quests.
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    I've gotten down to 5 quests....guess the real question here is...

    ANYONE completed ashenvale?

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    im actually stuck at 15 left.. i did a lot of searching, i got 3 mobs Ursongous, Sharptalon and .... oh wow the name escapes me but anyway i got 3 mobs that gave a hand in quest. i had found an NPC named Torek who gave a quest to take over a NE camp, you complete it and told to go to Splintertree but after that its done theres no phasing when you run back there nothing.. so it was like a useless quest. i was hoping to get my last 15.

    il be checking back in ashenvale later on to check the rest of places i probly overlooked or may have skipped.
    on a sidenote, the quest Security! is the most stupid ill designed quest ever.. especially at lvl 80, those of you who attempted to do it know what i mean and yes it gives another quest after you complete it.

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    Same.. I'm at 70/80 and I have done the 3 The Ashenvale Hunt mobs quests. Simply can't find those last 10..
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    Ashenvale cannot be completed before the 7th, GameMasters have already been instructed to inform everyone who makes a ticket about this particular issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mew View Post
    Ashenvale cannot be completed before the 7th, GameMasters have already been instructed to inform everyone who makes a ticket about this particular issue.
    How come? That seems a bit stupid.
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    ¿Horde? Because I finish it with my alliance character.
    Yesterday I made a video tutorial for my guild to help them use wowhead to make a personal perfect list of the quest you just don't finish.
    But it's in spanish
    So maybe I can help a little just with text...very little indeed XD

    Wowhead have the wowhead-client (just look for it with google, I can't post links yet )
    Just register yourself, download the client, and activate de ingame addon.
    Then use the '/wl collect' command on the chat.
    And close wow.
    The client then will upload you're data.
    Go to wowhead, sing in, shearch for you're character, and then you can see the quest list.
    In that list just select the zone you're into, and go to "incomplete". There's they are ^ ^
    (if you need some graphic help with this, try my Spanish video...but it's in Spanish, ok? XD: 1D72S8mXeiM I don't have yet the minimum post to be able to post links, so look for it in youtube with that code, ok? )

    I don't know if the horde really can't end, well, I expect this will help you anyway ^ ^

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    Just search very carefully. I was questing in Loch and had 6 quests come from some grey book a quest mob dropped...
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    the max any one can get is 73 quests and yes it sucks

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    65/70 on the Ally side...guessing it's the same as Horde...Cata or bust

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    I can't show you the achivement
    But I swear I done it yesterday
    Just try my advice...

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    well on the alliance side on my main it was very easy to find all the quests i did more then needed, haven't done it on horde so can't say but make sure you revisit all questhubs and stuff thats how i found a few

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    I spoke to a GM regarding this as I am too stuck on 68/100 quests. he told me that they were looking into it, however he looked at my quest count and I had "a couple" of breadcrumb quests I can do that will take me to Ashenvale. He said once they have determined the problem it will be fixed, just quest on with other area's atm and see what ones bring you back into Ashenvale.

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    I'm HORDE and stuck at 73/80.
    Maybe it'll be fixed today or in a week...but then i'll be busy leveling to 85 so i won't care till ALL new reputation are maxed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckfart View Post

    ANYONE completed ashenvale?
    I have completed Ashenvale....I had been stuck with only 2 quests left however, and found it on a random drop in the south in the demon area. Another guildie had also been stuck and he found a random drop that started a chain off the furblog to the north of astranaar. Hope that helps!

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