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    WD BLack VS 7200 RPM Toshiba




    I think im pretty hip on this stuff but it really looks like the black has a smaller cache and has a premium on the brand name. I cant see any reason why the toshiba being double the capacity for less price with the same speed, double the cache would be worse off.

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    If you look at a WD 4TB black it will have the same amount of cache as the Toshiba, the WD has a 5 year warranty vs 2 years on the Toshiba, now is it worth the price difference that's another matter, (the fact that the Toshiba is on sale does help it's case abit price wise). IMO if the one you buy get's the job done, either should be fine so you may want to go with the better priced one.

    The main question would be do you really need a 7.200 rpm drive? If it is just for mass storage there are cheaper alternatives around but they are a bit slower but they are fine for audio/video and/or pictures

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    Superficial "specs" isn't everything for HDDs.

    Internal build is also important.

    Blacks have generally among the best access time and have a long warranty, but they are also better equipped against vibration if you stack drives f.ex.
    They are derived from their RE drives which are Enterprise segmented but equipped with consumer firmware and simply put they are meant to last longer and on average they considerably do.

    If you don't care about that sort of stuff in the sense of "If a drive breaks, big deal... probably most contains stuff I can afford to lose" like series etc. than there's little difference.

    The biggest difference lies in HDD life span as well as Warranty.

    Speed is mostly irrelevant nowadays with SSDs being as common as they are.
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