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    Cool Cool Hunter and Pet name combo.

    Yea so after the shattering I made a Human Hunter in full heirloom gear. including arcanite reaper. So after much trouble i got the name carbon. Got my pet and called it fiber.

    Carbon Fiber.

    So what cool combo does your pet and you have?
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    well.... i dont have a goodhunter name that goes with my pet but i have some funnyish pet names :3, caught a seagull and called him Chips XD lame i know.

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    My Seagul's name is Steven, my wasp's name is Beezle, my Silithid's name is Brainy, turtle's is Leonardo.


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    I thought you said "cool" combos....I must be missing something here....

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    ... and then i decided to call my pet Fluffy!!! lolololololololol

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    I made an Undead hunter-- Breath and Bone, title of a book I enjoyed a few years ago.

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    Our realm has a hunter called 'Internét'; with a pet called 'Firefox'.

    Makes me giggle a little everytime I see: Firefox <Internét's Pet>.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .cras View Post
    Our realm has a hunter called 'Internét'; with a pet called 'Firefox'.

    Makes me giggle a little everytime I see: Firefox <Internét's Pet>.
    I've seen this sorta thing before, I can't remember where, maybe WoWBash, but there was a character called 'Internet', with the title 'the Explorer' and in a guild called <Web Browser>. Made me giggle a little when I saw it.

    Internet the Explorer
    <Web Browser>

    As for funny hunter/pet name combos, I've never really done such a thing. I wanted to get one of the new fox pets and call it 'Bingo' but someone kinda got there before me. (Foxy Bingo, for anyone who watches British TV?)

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    I don't have either one since my hunter and pets are named after transformers lol. For example my pet wasp is named Waspinator but then again I do have a pet monkey named ChimpsAhoy.

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    Pulp Fiction lvl72 @talnivarr eu

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    My hunter's name is "Emrsonbigins" and my Turtle's name is "SeaCup"

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    My char's name is "Obama" and my pet name is "Fail".

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    Undead hunter - Hades with a corehound pet called Cerberus?

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    for the swede's, my hunter's name is Kruka and my pet's name is vas. I find it kinda funny

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    Hunter Cuddly
    Pet Fluffy

    j/k XD no idea can't think of any real names id use atm since i don't have a high level hunter.
    But my last hunter was called Shanya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerebes View Post
    So after much trouble i got the name carbon.
    Please tell me you didn't call yourself Ćáŕbôn or some crap like that.
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    David Cameron
    Nick Clegg <David Cameron's pet>

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    Saw a hunter named Michaelvick with no pet out

    Quote Originally Posted by Tayfow View Post
    What's the point of playing an easy game? When did this huge subset of people come to video games, wanting not a challenge, but some kind of interactive facebook type thing with spells?

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    My hunter is called: "Ibeatmykids" And my pet is called Cat.

    Awesome combo imo

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    <Internet's Pet>

    <Internet's Pet>

    <Error's Pet>

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