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    [BIO] Edwin Deemstering

    This is my first RP Character here, and the first WoW RP Character in a long time. And English is not my native language, and i'm really trying to improve it, so sorry for any mistake. I tried to create a common soldier engulfed in the Cataclysm and on the Curse of Worgen and how that would affect a veteran like him. A quick note on his naming, i know that most use old British names for their Worgens but I felt that the name was fitting enough. And the architecture of Gilneas show many other influences like Russian and even continental Europe, so I guess it’s a mix of influences rather than a pure Victorian setting.

    Name: Edwin Deemstering
    Age: 42
    Race: Human / Worgen.
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warrior

    Before the Worgen curse, Edwin was a calm yet quiet fellow. A veteran of the Second War, he had served with the Gilnean Army in defense of the Lordaeron Alliance during many battles. This is reflected in his personality, the war affected him deeply. He always seems to be distant and cold.
    After the worgen curse he became a nervous man, easily irritable and prompted to violence. He appears to sometimes be delusional and whisper things about his past in the army. His delusions are usually linked to his hate of Orcs and Trolls. He was quarantined in Duskhaven after the curse and became even more feral.

    Edwin was a competent farmer and hunter in times of peace. And he love to fish and hunt in his free time. He also loves to work hard on the fields and some would say he is too fond of his drinking.

    Orcs, Trolls and any kind of undead. He also seems to despise Death Knights, even the ones that are supposed to be his allies.

    A man losing the battle against time. His body is strong built, a work of a lifetime of working on fields and fighting against the enemies of Gilneas. His fading blonde hair is already graying from age and his face is worn by the elements and the sands of time. His strong jaw is lined with a well trimmed beard and his hair is kept loose over his shoulders. His eyes are a fading glassy green, not a beautiful color but one showing the effects of a shell shocked life.
    There’s a huge scar on his left shoulder, where he was hit by an orcish axe once.

    Able to work for long periods, can handle himself with almost any weapon but his weapon of choice is the biggest sword he can find. Also has an excellent eye for tactics and strategies and grasps the basics of supply management from his time as sergeant. Also can handle a group of soldiers with ease.

    Edwin is currently too short tempered to think clearly before engaging his enemies. Due to the Worgen Curse he became even more aggressive and tends to violence. Charges head on against anything that he dislikes and ask questions later. He is also prone to changes of humor and a deep melancholy.


    “Here stands a hero of Gilneas.” For the second time the man spoke while Edwin watched him from his cage. He would kill him. Slowly. As soon as he can get away from this damned jail.
    “He might not remember, my lord, but that’s what he is.” Edwin knew that man. He was also a soldier, now he was too old to be anything. His name was Bryce Winsford, he was Edwin’s official during the Second War, they fought and bled in many battles.
    “I will tell you now his history, I will make him remember and he will not be put down like a beast.”

    Edwin was born in a peasant family near the town of Duskhaven, the first son of a farmer. A poor family that passed through many hard winters. His family owned a small pumpkin farm and lived off the land. His father was never a man of arms, only using them to fend off the occasional bear or wolf.

    His education was harsh and unforgiving, at the age of twelve he was already working the fields.

    When he was seventeen years old the Horde launched it’s offensive against Lordaeron, and he was conscripted into the army. Many young farmers like him were sent to the front with little training and low quality armor and weapons. He was attached to my unit, and we followed our comrades towards the Hillsbrad Foothills were we met the remaining forces and joined our banners with Lord Lothar. There he met his first real battle.

    As you all know, Lord Lothar had splitted his army and drove the Horde from the lands of the High Elves, and pushed them back to Hillsbrad. There, he planned an offensive that would drive the orcs back to the sea.

    The battle started under a thick fog, the Gilnean forces held the left flank of the army and we were terrified by the war drums and chanting of those damned green mongrels. We faced a dire battle that day, we fought them tooth and nail in the villages of Hillsbrad and Southshore. We fought Orcs, Trolls and Ogres. And we prevailed.
    Young Edwin killed his first foe in that day. He was not a great warrior, just a terrified kid fighting for his life, and managed to sink his sword deep in the guts of an orc. By the end of the battle he was shaking, bloodied, bruised and had killed two foes.

    As soon as the Horde forces were on the run, followed closely by the Kul Tiras Fleet, we started marching towards Alterac. The men spoke that we were going for the Thondol Span and Dun Algaz, but we were too tired to think about it.

    Back in those days I was a Captain, and young Edwin was just a foot soldier. He always seemed calm after the first battle, and when we assaulted the Horde positions over the great bridge, that calm boy learned to use his serenity to slay his foes. He held our line, stood at the front of the battle and survived. He was not the hero our Lord Lothar was, he did not killed foes left and right, but he fought our enemies with passion and always managed to keep the spirit of his comrades as high as possible.
    That’s why he was promoted to Sergeant, and received the command of a group of soldiers.

    Then we marched towards Alterac, back in those days we didn’t understand why or what had Lord Perenolde done, but we followed our orders and we obliterated Alterac. The battle was harsh and unforgiving. It was one thing to kill those green monstrosities, but other totally different to kill fellow men. But they had betrayed us, and paid the price in full.
    Young Edwin fought hard against his old comrades, his unit was quick to follow the Silver Hand’s Paladins into the breach and assault the great fortress. He carried the Banner of Gilneas deep into the enemy line. But something in that battle affected him deep. He became quieter and easily irritable.

    We marched towards Blackrock.

    It was on the shadows of Blackrock Mountain that Edwin was wounded. We fought hard. Even when Lord Lothar was killed. Even when the Orcs were breaking our lines. Even when dragons were breathing flames over us. Even when fire rained from the skies over our heads. Even when our friends were dying and their bodies rising to fight us. We held our line and Edwin fought even when wounded. He was not a young boy anymore, but a man, he fought with many enemies. And in the end of the day we were victorious and he collapsed.

    He would only wake three days after the battle. And we marched home.

    After that he settled in his old farm and married a local girl. They had a son and she died during the birth. He raised the kid with pride, teaching him what he learned in the army and the life on the farms. His dad and mom died a few years later and he took care of the farm on his own.

    “Wait, Captain Winsford. That’s not the tale of a hero. It’s a tale of a common soldier!” The man who spoke wore a fine black suit and had a monocle. He was to judge Edwin’s worthiness, to judge if he could keep his rage in check, to judge if he would be put down like an animal.

    “A Common soldier. Every one that fought on those battles are heroes, my lord. We fought against the worst of the Horde. And now the Horde attack us again. Don’t you think he would stand against them again ?” Winsford spoke, getting closer to the cage.

    “What do you think, Edwin? Will you fight against the Horde once again? You are not young anymore, but you are strong. And the curse might be a bigger blessing against those damned orcs than any weapon.” Winsford was so close that Edwin could rip his throat off with a single movement. But the great worgen simply stood, watching. And finally, with a guttural voice, he spoke.

    “I will fight against the enemies of Gilneas. I will take it’s banner back into Lordaeron and destroy the enemies of my king. For those who died twenty four years ago in the shadows of that mountain. But I will not fight for some pansy noble who think he is good enough to judge the worthiness of a man. Now, give me that bloody potion and let’s be done with it.”

    The following day Edwin was released from his cage. The earth shattered, the waters rose and if not by Edwin’s new Worgen strength he would have drowned in Duskhaven. Winsford died. But Edwin survived. With a quick glance back towards were once was his old farm he left out a deep melancholic howl.

    He learned that his son, not young anymore but a young man, had left 3 days earlier to join the army in Greymane City. Soon Edwin was on the road, they offered him to travel to Kalimdor, but his place was not there. He checked his bloodied fading map. Stormwind, he heard that it was there that most soldiers were gathering. It would be a long travel, but he was not afraid of the road. He sought an opportunity to slay his foes.

    The beast on his mind stirred, anticipating the prospect of a battle, but he fought it down. He would learn to fight it. He would master it. Soon he was on the road and it felt good.
    English is not my first language, feel free to point out any mistake so i can keep learning.

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    I like your story, especially how you tell it from the captains perspective. All you have to do is wait for a mods approval into the RP group now as far as I can tell.

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    Yes, as I see it this is a very nice take on the worgen start and trial. Accepted.

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