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    Kalyssad (Bio - WIP)

    Name: Kalyssad the Tempter

    Age: lives since the creation of the Sayaad, perhaps since the beginning of creation.

    Race: Sayaad

    Gender: male

    Alignment: chaotic evil

    Affiliation:Burning Legion/Burning Blade , Shadow Council(former)

    (so an incubus, no clear lore sources on them, I know, but I will go with the “imprisoned by Succubi as slaves” theory, since it is official speculation source is here http://www.wowpedia.org/Incubi )

    Class:Shadowdancer/(limited)Spymaster/(limited)Hellcaller (taken from the RPG, very unique abilities picked from each of the three classes, the history should explain the details and the intention)

    Personality: Sociopathic tendencies, cunning, manipulative, cruel, sadistic

    Likes: his freedom, manipulating or dominating others, killing, torturing, serving Sargeras

    Dislikes: strong/heroic females, The Holy Light, everything that opposes his master's crusade

    In his true form Kalyssad is nearly 7 feet tall, He has the same pale purple skin color as the females of his race, but he is having bigger ram like horns and more dominant wings than his female counterparts. He has hoofed legs and is bearded. He is branded with deep purple, nearly black marks of Kil'jaeden. The anthropomorphic parts of his body are astonishingly beautiful also likewise to his female counterparts. He has very small but razor sharp claws.

    When he is armored and in his true form, he wears his custom gauntlets that elongate his claws and 2 sharp blades chained to his lower arms. They are slightly longer than his forearms so he is able to stab with the ends of the blades extending over his bent elbow. He wears two broad leather bands crossed over his chest. In the back between his wings they hold a sheath that contains Kalyssad's onyx dagger it is fabricated with a rough interior lining and it holds the dagger upside-down .Where the leather bands meet in the front a metal plaque adorned with the burning blade symbol holds them together. He wears a short kilt that reaches from his waist to shortly below his knees, out of black and purple cloth. it is held together by chains wrapped around his waist. Some more chain links are dangling off of the chain belt and give of a rattling sound when Kalyssad is in motion.

    Additionally to his true form, he may disguise as nearly every humanoid race(explained later on) but has to keep his deep Black hair. He tends to have long hair and nearly perfect physical appearance in any racial form. His green eyes may seem to have a shade of blue while disguised but green is the dominant color.

    Strengths: Cunning, silver tongued, has extremely high-developed senses, Master of poisons, and knows quite a bit about shadow magic, basically everything that can mess with a mind. Has the ability to change appearance, extraordinary musician (The flute is staying!)

    Weaknesses: Sociopathic tendencies, can’t change away from his true form without performing an elaborate ritual

    And finaly some annotations:

    -Kalyssad is a very controversial character since a lot of what he is, is pure speculation on my side.
    However what is accounted to in official Lore is to my best knowledge correct and consistent, if you find any mistakes,please point them out.
    Apart from that it is for you to decide, if the character makes sense to you or not.

    -The character that is portrayed in the Bio sheet is the present (post shattering) version of Kalyssad as portrayed in the Prologue.
    the development of the character happens through the flashbacks that show his history.


    I Preparations

    Kalys was standing in the dark, looking at his pray.
    Human like beings, similar to many of those he encountered throughout the millennia. They all were to fall to his master, they will be no different.
    He was waiting for them to finish their work, harvesting crops out on the field. He has been watching them for several days. They would go back to the house and eat, talk for some time and then go to sleep. Then his time had come.

    The dark figure watched the guard dog, who was leashed to a pole in front of the house, he smiled as he got close enough to throw his knife. He impaled the oblivious dog by his neck onto the pole.
    The animal wasn’t even able to whimper before he was dead. Kalys drew his knife out of the dog and cleaned it. His ears twitched while he was listening for any reaction to his kill, but there was none. He had seen the guards pass recently so they shouldn’t be back anytime soon, but he had to make sure.
    He stuck his weapon into its sheath again and headed towards the houses’ door.

    “A simple lock, nothing to be stopped by”

    After picking the lock the door opened with a silent creak. Kalys entered the room, but his hoofs didn’t make a single noise on the wooden floor. That was a simple but very effective spell he always used when he was hunting in his true form. The two older ones slept right near the door. He would have to dispose of them first. He pulled his onyx kris again and held it over the males face, the tip of the knife was nearly touching the man’s lips when Kalys summoned the poison from it. He mumbled silently when a clear liquid ran down the blade and a single drop of it left the blade and landed on the man’s lower lip. He licked his lips by reflex, which was his death sentence.

    “No suffering for you, aren’t you lucky?”

    The man tried to breath but he couldn’t anymore, he didn’t even struggle enough to wake his wife. Within seconds he was dead.

    “You will have to suffer some more”

    With an evil smile on his face, the demon changed the side of the straw camp the two were lying on and brought his hands close to the wife’s throat. He silenced her with one hand and began to choke her with the other. Her eyes opened and were instantly filled with pure fear when she saw what was choking her. Her face's color changed slowly while Kalys suffocated her. When she stopped struggling, he grabbed some of the straw and spread it across the room. He then looked around the fireplace and found a bottle of oil.


    Kalys spilled the oil on the floor and examined the room further. He took some of the man’s clothing; he would need them later on. Then he discovered a small piece of wood that had a familiar form. He gently picked it up and looked at it. It had several small holes in it and a slit on the top end. He also took that thing with him, but he wasn’t finished yet. There were two more people in the house. A small boy and a young woman.

    Kalys went upstairs and found them also on a heap of straw in a small chamber under the roof.
    Kalys quickly killed the boy by cutting his throat. He still was too frail and weak for his needs, so he died. He then turned to the young women sleeping on another bed of straw. He got close to her and heard her slow monotone breath, and watched her chest moving up and down. She was in the prime of her life, perfect for his needs. He used his knife again, this time he summoned a strong sedative poison; she would also lick it of her lips and fall limp immediately. He picked her up and carried her outdoors. He laid his pray down and threw the dog’s corpse into the house. Then he opened the palm of his hand and a little flame sparked from it. Kalys whispered to the flame and it crept into the house. When the small flame found what Kalys had laid out a thick cloud of biting smoke rose out of the house immediately. The guards would be far enough away to find the house ablaze and not a single trace of the hoofed visitor.

    “What a terrible tragedy.”

    He thought while the first big flames were licking out of the door.
    He grabbed his victim again and started heading towards his hideout in the forest, the prints of his hoofs magically vanishing behind him.

    When he arrived in the cave he took for his hideout, his two felhunters were waiting for him. They sniffed at the girl but he kicked them away.

    "She is not meant for you, stupid beast!"

    As much as he hated the demonic trails they left he needed someone to guard his secrets. When he entered the cave, he smelled the heavy incense he burned before he left. Many candles enlightened the cave, and an elaborate circle of runes and wicked symbols out of black and purple candle wax was laid out on the floor. He tied the woman to two poles in the middle of the circle, gagged her and stepped away. He laid his kris in front of him and looked at the small thing he found in the house. He sat down with crossed legs, while he waited for the sedative poison to wear off and started playing the flute.
    That was the only thing he always had liked throughout his life. Even if he was playing music for those who imprisoned him for what felt like an eternity. That was the time before he gained his freedom. The time he lived as a slave.

    ((part two will follow after the color formatting of the dialogs, might take a while.))
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    It's a prologue, and apart from a few minor spelling mistakes, a damn fine one. I can't really say anything elaborate yet as I don't have enough, but you're on the right path.

    But come on, the flute?

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    Quote Originally Posted by End'ghao View Post
    It's a prologue, and apart from a few minor spelling mistakes, a damn fine one. I can't really say anything elaborate yet as I don't have enough, but you're on the right path.

    But come on, the flute?
    I cant say much more than what has already been said.

    But yeah, you could come up with a more pimp instrument than that. XD.

    Though this is quite detailed for a secondary character.

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    There are a few grammatical and spelling errors, but those are easily and largely forgiven. I'd also mind the tense of the narrative. I noticed it move from past to present tense a time or two. Though it's not a huge problem, it can interrupt the flow of a good tale.

    I am enjoying the story, so far. And don't mind the others. I liked the idea of this rough, vicious creature finding solace in such a fragile and light instrument. It contrasts quite well.

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    Thanks for the comments so far, sorry about the grammar and spelling mistakes, I usually try to sort out the spelling mistakes with word, but sometimes I rephrase shorty before posting, and that is where they sneak in. And well the grammar mistakes just slip since Word doesn't find them either and since english is my second language they surely elude me. I will correct the tense inconsistency however, and if I'm creative enough you might get the second part of his history today.

    ---------- Post added 2010-11-29 at 09:47 PM ----------

    (( sorry for the double post, but since this is a big update the thread needs a bump))

    II Memories

    While sitting on the floor of his cave and playing the flute he found, he was reminded of the time he spent on his home world. For most mortals he encountered during his life, demons were just creatures of hatred, desiring to destroy the creation, but that was not true for all of them. They had their own feelings and emotions. Of course most of them thrived on things mortals found disgusting or just wrong, but that is how they were.

    Even he himself enjoyed things other than murdering and pillaging. He enjoyed making music. But that was somewhat strange to explain. Kalyssad came into existence millennia ago from now. As far as he understood it must have been more than 10000 years ago. He began his life in a coven of Sayaad that followed a Queen of Suffering that was not loyal to the Legion, so they merely abused mortals that called them from the twisting nether to satisfy their desires. They lived in a harem like den on the edge of the twisting nether. That is were his earliest memories lie, memories of him serving the Succubi, in whatever way they pleased. He was serving them for all physical works, and to clean up after they enjoyed the company of their mortal masters and later slaves in the den. Kalys didn’t have a choice but to obey since a magic rune collar shackled him as long as he could think. Whenever he disobeyed one of the demons would just take the runestone that controlled the collar and drown him in a world of pain and agony. Like this he lived from the beginning of time to a time between ten and twentyfive thousand years from today.

    When one of the succubi found a special master, everything was about to change. Her name was Bronna, and a young mortal, who was a masterful musician, bound her to him. He fell in love with his succubus and played for her nights long. And eventually she fell in love with him. When one day the man grew old and the mistress of the coven told her to get rid of him, since he wasn’t of use anymore, Bronna kept the man’s pan flute. She told Kalyssad, who had also listened to the man playing, to take up the instrument and learn it. Kalyss enjoyed this task much more than anything before since that was the first time he was able to master anything instead of being controlled. He mastered the flute and every other instrument he came by. When the succubi found him enjoying himself too much they took away the instruments just to make him miserable again. Then one fateful day the events that were to change his life began:

    He was cleaning the Den under supervision of a succubus when it happened

    “You forgot something there, worthless scum”

    Her whip cracked shortly behind Kalyss ear and he ducked by reflex.

    “Cattxia, you mind if I take him for a while? There is more dirt for him to lick”

    “You can have him just make sure he cleans up this mess afterwards.”

    “I will.”

    Cattxia threw the runestone that controlled Kalyss’ collar casually to Bronna.

    “Thank you sister, now come with me”

    Bronna shortly tightened her grip around the runestone and Kalyss felt the collar choking him. He bowed to Bronna and followed her.
    The succubus locked the door behind them and went to one of the big beds; under one of the many pillows she grabbed a small object and handed it to Kalys.

    “Recognize this? Play it for me!”

    Kalyss grabbed the flute with shaking hands; why would she grant him his instrument back when her sisters found so much joy in seeing him miserable without it? It didn’t matter for him; he just led the flute to his mouth and started playing. Bronna just lied there with closed eyes, but she never let go of the runestone that bound Kalyss. After Kalyss finished his song, Bronna stood up and took the flute from him. She kissed his cheek and whispered into his ear

    “We can do that again if you want”

    “I… I would like that, I think”

    “Very well, now go clean the den you were assigned to clean”

    Since that day Bronna and Kalyss met secretly, and Kalyss played the tunes of her late Master to her.

    One day when Kalyss was finished playing, Bronna came towards him and kissed him on the forehead. One of her sharp nails ripped Kalyss loincloth of him, and she crawled backwards onto the bed she had always laid on when she listened to him.

    “Come here”

    Kalyss knew what she wanted, even if he had never done it before. To not offend her he followed her wish. When the two were uniting Kalyss knew exactly what to do. It was like a primal instinct taking control.
    When all was done the two of them were lying on the bed.
    Suddenly a knock on the door

    “Bronna are you in there? What in the nether’s name are you doing?”

    “That’s Cattxia!, no they will know what we did, they will,… quick get out of here.”

    “But why, how, I mean the collar”


    Kalyssad ran towards the balcony of the room and jumped. He spread his wings and flew. He seared through the sky as far as he never did before. He did not stop flying because he didn't know what else to do.

    Suddenly: pain.

    Someone activated the runestone and Kalyssad plummeted to the ground, cramping in agony. He didn’t know how long he was unconscious before the pain woke him up again. He heard a voice.

    “What have we here, a naked sayaad, escaped your mistresses didn’t you? Saw you flying for quite some time.”

    The voice laughed

    “He surely knows where they hide”

    He could barely open his eyes and see the creatures but they were quite similar to him. Except for the fact that they had four arms. The creature that first spoke nodded to the other and asked:

    “So do you know?”

    Kalyss could only nod spastically since the collar was still active.

    “Get this thing off him already Tathrell, if he doesn’t help we can kill him anyway”

    The second creature grabbed the collar and murmured some words, and the collar shattered, leaving Kalyssad gasping for air on the ground.


    The first creature, which was armored and armed grabbed Kalys by his horn and helped him up.

    “Where are your brethren hiding?”

    “In a coven to the north, what do you want there?”

    “These Sayaad lack loyalty to the burning Legion, so we collect a toll from them. And they are late with the pay, so they will pay in blood, now go off, run.”

    “Let me help you.”


    The creature laughed

    “Why would you want to risk your life when you can be free?”

    “I have unfinished business there”

    the creature laughed again, louder this time.

    “Mazgrez. Listen.”


    “Let him. We can use him as a shock trooper, to see if they have any nasty surprises in store for us. And he knows the surroundings, do you really want to get your hands dirtier than needed?”

    “Agreed, here take this.” The creature handed Kalys a short sword “Don’t have to go in there naked.”

    Kalyssad led them to the coven, they, that meant the Tothrezim debt collectors, that were sent by the Legion to annihilate the rogue coven. When they spotted the entrance the armored one, Mazgrez, who was the troop's scout examined it from a distance and gave his assessment.

    “Eh seems like they are gone. The deactivation of the collar might have spooked them, let our naked boy here confirm that.”

    The magic wielding tothrezim nodded and as Kalyssad saw that, he took off to enter the Lair.

    He did indeed find nobody anymore, except for when he arrived at the room where he and Bronna always met.
    He found Cattxia standing over Bronnas dead body, strangled with her own whip.

    “The Mistress wanted me to leave this for you, scum.”

    Kalys' eyes narrowed


    “Because she let you have her, you fool. You are dirt, so we are better off without her.
    And since you finally brought the Tothrezim on our trail, the mistress thought this was a nice goodbye to you, she also told me to do this.”

    Cattxia raised the flute she was holding in her hand and smiled delighted when she saw Kalyssad's face harden as he recognized his favorite instrument. She dropped it on the floor, and placed her hoof on it. Then she twisted her hoof and broke the flute into pieces.
    When Kalyssad heared the flute breaking, he attacked the succubus with a furious blow of his sword.
    Expecting an uncontrolled attack, Cattxia easily dodged Kalys' blow and swiftly cracked her whip at his back, leaving a huge weld.
    Kalyssad spun around, ignoring the pain, and bared his fangs. He attacked the demon once more but she evaded again, and took another opportunity to leave a mark on him.
    When Kalyssad turned around once again, he saw his enemy smiling at him; she obviously was playing with him.
    The succubus bend her knees slightly and awaited his attack.
    Kalyssad needed to come up with something new.
    He threw his sword at her, and while she still was able to dodge the attack she was thrown off balance for a short moment.
    Kalyssad leaped forward and clawed at her with his left arm, expecting her to dodge again, when she did, Kalysaad swiftly lowered his head and trusted his massive horns against her chest. The impact made Cattxia hit the wall hard, and she fell down unconscious, with a huge laceration on her head.
    Kalyssad got up and looked at the succubus lying in front of him with pleasure.
    He looked at the wounds she inflicted, shrugged them off and picked up her whip while approaching her limp body. She was lying on her stomach moaning and trying to get up again. The moment she tried to push herself up, Kalyssad stepped on her back with his hoof, slamming her down again, and slung her own whip around her neck.

    “Didn't expect it to end that way, did you?” Kalyssad said grinning.

    Cattxia tried to struggle, but when Kalyssad tightened the noose around her neck she stopped.

    “Tell me where the mistress went!”

    He shortly loosened his grip so she could answer.

    “I will tell you nothing, Kalyssad!”

    Kalyssad understood that she could not be tortured to reveal anything, his race was very resistant to pain.

    Then say my farewells to Bronna.”

    He tightened his grip further and further, while Cattxia was struggling for her life. When her body fell limp, he let go of the whip.

    “My my, how inventive”

    Kalyssad turned around and saw the armored Tothrezim standing behind him.

    “Enjoyed it?”

    “Meh, could have done that myself”

    “But not much more I presume”

    The magic wielding tothrezim materialized next to Mazgrez.

    “Ah, shut up Thatrell.”

    “So Kalysaad is your name I understand, what would you think of helping us find the one that eluded you?”

    “Sounds good to me”

    “We should ask the master.”

    Thathrell nodded and began summoning a small black hole into the air

    “Master, we have a promising one here, that would follow your course”

    “Show me”

    “Go ahead touch it”

    Kalyssad touched the black hole and was immediately overwhelmed by a pain similar to the collar he knew for so long, somehow he knew the creature’s name was Ven'Gyr, and he could feel him probing his mind.

    “He is indeed promissing Tathrell, train him."

    Tathrell bowed to the rift before it closed.

    "So you will stay with us. follow me."

    Tathrell opened a portal and the three went trough.
    They left for the Legion’s stronghold, where Kalyssad would learn the skills that would serve him so well in his future.
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    While I like the story quite a lot (was curious if anyone was going to ever do an interesting story about the Sayaad and include Incubi), the construction is a bit...awkward.

    Again, however, given that, I'm loving the story itself. ~smiles~

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    III Corruption

    ((finally part 3, as always my apologies for any spelling mistakes and other grammatical mischief))

    When Kalyssad stepped through the portal he arrived in a strange world. The earth was dark red and charred, and the sky was dark, full of stars and strange lights. Kalyssad felt a strange sensation that seemed to come from nowhere, but nearly overwhelmed him. He got dizzy for a short moment but was able to get himself together again.

    „Where are we?“

    „We are in one of the worlds that the master’s army conquered, we set up our camp here, while we were tracking down your little coven“

    The three demons approached a training ground full of other demons engaged in combat with each other, it appeared as if they were training, but Kalyssad was amazed by the ferocity they fought with. He saw them screaming and yelling at each other, they did not hold back, sometimes one suffered a flesh wound or worse but they kept on fighting. Kalyssad somewhat felt his heart beating faster in their presence. In some distance to the fighting demons Kalyssad saw a huge winged figure, a Nathrezim.

    The Tothrezim approached the figure and forced Kalyssad down on his knee and also kneeled down themselves, before Tathrell rose his voice.

    „Lord Ven’gyr, this is the one we found escaping the sayaad coven.“

    The Dreadlord turned around and nodded slowly, with a sign of his hand he send the Tothrezim away and gestured Kalyssad to approach him.

    „You know that you are in a very special position right now?”

    “We were hunting the sayaad that imprisoned you, because they were disloyal to the Legion, so they had to die. But they escaped, and you survived that little adventure. So you are now a demon that is free and could join us, but the Legion’s sayaad won’t like to see a male of their species free, so you’ll have to prove you worth fast.
    With that said, tell me, how exactly did you escape?”

    Kalyssad proceeded to tell the story how he was set free and how he returned to see what became of Bronna. The Dreadloard was listening carefully, not for the story itself but for Kalysaads emotions and feelings towards the events. The Dreadlord knew what happened from the moment he examined the sayaad through the portal. When Kalyssad was finished, the huge demon was prepared to play his game and laughed amused.

    “So, you think you meant something to that succubus?”

    When Kalys gave him a questioning look, Ven’gyr laughed once more, and put his arm on Kalyssad’s shoulder.

    “She used you as a toy replacement for her master. That is their biggest flaw. They get drawn to their pity mortal masters for some reason. And when you two were caught she certainly wanted to save her own hide when she let you escape. She surely made up a story about you ambushing her or something like that, but her sisters didn’t believe her as it seems.”

    While he listened to the Nathrezim’s words, Kalyssad didn’t know what to believe, he thought he had something special with Bronna, but what the Dreadlord said was equally possible the truth. He never had to think about something like a relationship to another living being since he never was more like a possession to someone.

    “I,… will think about that.”

    “Do that, but you should begin your training with Mazgrez now. He will teach you in combat, so that you are better prepared for your next encounter with your coven.”

    Kalysaad pushed Ven’gyr’s arm away

    “They are not MY coven. Stop calling them that.”

    The Dreadlord smirked. He would have decapitated any other of his minions for such a disrespectful outbreak, but that one really was in a special position. All he would have to do is shatter the last bonds he had to his former life. He had to be patient and perhaps he will be able to create a sayaad without their most prominent flaw.

    “So start your training then, to be better prepared for your revenge.”

    “Yes, I will.”

    Kalysaad bowed and left the Dreadlord alone.
    When Kalys left to look for the Tothrezim, Magrez found him first.

    “There you are, now follow me, you got much to learn, you can’t keep throwing swords for the rest of your life.”

    Kalyssad laughed. Somehow he liked the rough demon scout.

    “So what are you gonna teach me then?”

    “How to fight with them properly without loosing them.”

    Mazgrez handed Kalys the two swords he was holding with his lower arms and drew his other two with his top arms.

    “So for the basics,…”

    Kalyssad can’t remember anymore how long Mazgrez trained him in combat. He got an acceptable fighter, but he never reached perfection with the swords. So Mazgrez and him tried many other weapons and Kalys was able to handle them all in time, but he never felt that he found the right weapon for him. Or so he thought. Mazgrez explained one day that Kalyssad had the same problem with all weapons he used.

    “You don’t find your opponents style or pattern, you’re not able to really react properly and adapt. You don’t find the right rhythm to answer the attacks.”

    “Rhythm he says? Perhaps I will try something different”

    Kalyssad plainly nodded at Mazgrez and engaged in another fight with a felguard.

    During this fight he concentrated on the timing of the felguards blows and his own counter attacks, the loud sounds of the blades hitting each other did indeed form some kind of rhythm. It reminded the Sayaad of one of the songs he used to play. It had a fast tempo and everytime he played it he felt empowered, as his heart beat faster. He adopted his attacks to fit the rhythm and melody of the song he had in mind, and when he would have added grace notes to the song, he added feints kicks spins or the like to his fighting. With this new technique he was able to wound the fel guard within minutes.

    “I really don’t know what you just did there, but I think you got it right now."

    One day after Kalyssad discovered his own style, Mazgrez arrived for the training with a big box instead of the usual weapons.

    “I told the master about your new technique when he asked about your progress, he was very satisfied and had something made for you."

    “For me?”

    “Yes I was also surprised, but never the less, here you go.”

    Kalyssad opened the box and saw a strange pair of gauntlets, which looked like an exoskeleton of his hands, and were bearing wicked claws. The backs of the gauntlets were adorned with two very small onyx gems. They also had two blades that were slightly longer than Kalys’ forearms and had holes in them, attached to their sides. He took the gauntlets out of the box and slipped into them. They fitted perfectly. But the blades were dangling from the hinge with which they were attached to the gauntlets.

    “What about them?”

    Kalyss said, pointing at one of the blades

    “Glad that you ask”

    Mazgrez took out a pair of strong chains that were in the box and ran them through the holes of the blades. He tightened them around Kalyssad’s arms, so that the blades came as a natural elongation of Kalyssad’s forearms.
    Kalyssad looked at his new weapon and was overjoyed, nobody ever gifted him with anything and this was surely a really valuable pair of weapons.

    “Let me try them!”

    “Okay okay, but surely not with me. Take your pick of the Felguards.”

    Kalyssad could now finally understand what caused the demon’s ferocity in battle, once he found his own fighting style he just followed his instincts and started to reel in a bloodthirsty frenzy. He enjoyed every aspect of it. The smell of blood and sweat, the satisfaction of drawing first blood, the lukewarm sensation of his opponent’s blood on his face and skin, the burning pain of his muscles, when he pushed himself beyond his limits, even the pain when taking a blow himself, it all formed a perfect whole, just like the single notes that form a song, his single blows and movements formed a graceful and lethal dance. It all made him feel alive, he wanted to taste every last drop of it.

    During the many fights he had, he discovered something else he could do with his new style. Sometimes when he really got himself in trance with his fighting and dancing, he lost vision of everything else but his opponent, and to him his enemies got slower, but as Mazgrez who watched all the fights told him afterwards in truth Kalyssad got faster. Sometimes he even summoned streaks of darkness surrounding him from which he attacked his opponents.
    When Kalys asked Mazgrez how this was possible the Tothrezim explained it

    “It is the nether boy. You have been exposed to it long enough now. Didn’t you notice it?”

    “Notice what?”

    Mazgrez led Kalyssad to a pool of water nearby. When Kalyssad saw his reflection's eyes he noticed that they were not blue anymore, they were green.

    “You imbibe the Nether while living with us. It gives you power but it changes you.”

    Kalyssad was somewhat disturbed but he found the color of his eyes a small price to pay for what he got in return. He didn’t know that he sacrificed much more than that.
    The fighting satisfied some of the demons urges, and left him exhausted at night, but he couldn’t find rest. His dreams were vivid, haunting even, he saw the memories of his past, how the sayaad used to treat him, but the treatment was not the part that disturbed him it was,… them.

    One night when he was rolling around in his dreams the realization of that fact pulled him bolt upright. His eyes wide opened he took a deep and long breath and could sense it. It was merely a hint but it was clear as day.

    Kalyssad stood up from his sleeping berth, his muscles sore from a day’s training, it was painful, but he had to know.
    The smell that woke him this night was similar to the smell of those Shivarrah that healed the wounded demons, but more familiar.
    He put on his gauntlets, leaving the arm blades in the box and sneaked out of the demon’s training camp and followed the faint smell he recognized. He felt as if someone was watching him but none of his other senses gave him any kind of indication that this was true. While he was silently following his trail, he remembered what Ven’gyr said. “the Legion’s sayaad won’t like to see a male of their species free, so you’ll have to prove your worth fast” He was sure they would be nearby but Kalyssad didn’t guess that they were this close. He tracked their smell to a small cave near the encampment. Kalyssad stayed at a good distance and listened and looked for any sign of activity but there was none.

    The cave was scarcely lit so Kalys decided after some reflection that he would have to take a look into it. While he proceeded through the cave, he kept himself to the shadows. When he suddenly heard the sound of hoofs he pressed his back into the nearest dark corner he could find. He covered his upper body and face with his wings, since they had a darker color and tried to blend into the form of the cave, by summoning his shadows. When the two succubi he heard passed around the corner he snuck into one of the bigger niches of the cave. The niche couldn’t be seen from the corridor so he would be fairly safe there.

    When he entered the niche he saw that it was a succubus’s sleeping berth. Kalyssad carefully got closer to the demon so he couldn’t be seen form the corridor for sure. He watched her in her sleep, and when she turned around Kalyssad was caught in watching the agile movement of her slender body, bathed in the dim light of the cave, he saw the soft shadows accentuating her curves, and when she turned around yet again, he was hit by another wave of the intoxicating scent that led him here. His vision got hazy and darkened, he only was able to see the demon’s naked body before him, he reached out to touch her but retracted his hand shortly before he touched her.
    A hushed “No.” escaped his lips and his blood rushed into his head.

    Did somebody hear him? He cursed himself for being such a weak idiot. He had to get out of this cave. Fast. The Sayaad made his way out of the cave by sticking to the shadows again. He breathed shallowly until he made it out into the open. When he had a fair distance to the cave he took a deep breath of the night’s air and got a clear mind again. He knew what has kept him at unrest now.
    He suffered the same carnal desires as his female counterparts. Of course he would. But somehow he was able to resist the temptation, at least for now.
    When he finally got back into his tent, he was somewhat satisfied that he resisted his desires. And so was the Dreadlord that watched him all the time, through the little gems adorned in the incubus’ weapons. His plan would succeed.

    ((adding part 4 here still somewhat a work in progress.))

    When Kalyssad reached his tent, Ven’gyr was already waiting for him.

    „Your connection to the Nether has grown strong, sayaad.“

    „Why don’t you call me by my name master?“

    „Because you still are one of thousands like you, but you are on the verge of transforming to something more. I will teach you some of my dark arts, but there is something you have to do first. And you know what it is.“

    An image of a creature the sayaad despised for all of his life formed in his mind.

    „You want me to hunt down the mistress.“

    The dreadlord snickered maliciously.

    „Exactly. But she will be a strong enemy, and your powers waver.“

    „But, you said my connection to the nether was getting stronger why should my powers waver?“

    „It is not that simple. The nether does empower us yes, but it also demands it’s toll. You know what kind of energies it is thirsting for from you.“

    Kalyssad looked at the gems on his weapons and it everything came clear to his mind.

    „Yes I do, and if I can trust my instincts, you know what I know, Ven’gyr, you tested me tonight didn’t you?“

    The dreadlord’s eyes widened

    „I must admit you impress me, demon. Perhaps I can teach you some of my magic even before your misson, you seem ready.“

    „As you wish, master.“

    The two demons spent some days training in the dark arts and Kalyssad was able to summon small amounts of entropic fire and he was able to put a hex on minor demons, but despite his connection to the nether and his natural talent, he grew more and more exhausted.
    One morning Kalysaad was no longer able to concentrate on his spells.

    „You need to replenish your strength, sayaad.“

    „But master, with whom; I mean, I can’t really use one of the succubi for that, they drain my energies as I drain theirs, there would be no gain here."

    „Simple. The Legion is leading wars with many civilisations. At the moment we have a conflict with the refugees of a civilisation that joined us not so long ago. They keep fleeing from our gasp, but every time we find them they manage to escape again, but I had our troops make a prisoner this time.“

    The Dreadlord gestured a Felguard and shortly afterwards two of them were leading an enchained female that looked somehow like a sayaad, but different never the less.

    „What is she?“

    “She is an eredar, but those who fled call themselves draenei. Consider her a gift.”

    Kalyssad’s eyes widened in disbelief, but then he bowed to the Nathrezim

    “Thank you master.”

    The demon took the chains from the felguards and led the Draenei to his tent. After a while he left his tent, and he seemed invigorated. The huge dreadlord grinned at the demon

    “How do you feel?”

    “Splendid, to be honest”

    Kalyssad summoned a ball of chaotic fire and threw it into a huge rock that burst into tiny bits.

    “You should not do that too often, or you will have to go into your tent again right away.”

    “I know Master, but hexing and my shadow summoning is much less tiring to me, so I will be fine.”

    Kalyssad paused for a moment.

    “Master? May I ask you about something? This draenei, she was very reluctant at first, but as I proceeded she gave in and I had the impression she even enjoyed it at the end, how is that possible?”

    The naïve questions of the Sayaad amused the dreadlord but he would answer.

    “Hmm two reasons. First of all she is a draenei, they are affine to the Nether just as we are. If given enough time they succumb to it and in their case it is an irreversible transformation. You have seen the Eredar here right?”

    Kalyssad nodded.

    “And secondly it is you.”


    “Surely, your race may attract anyone from the opposite gender, that is something the females know and use to their advantage. And so can you. Females will be attracted to you, at the very least subconsciously. The succubi however tend to fall in love with their mates."

    The dreadlord laughed amused.

    "That weakness is so pathetic. But you don’t seem to have that flaw."

    An image of Bronna forced itself into Kalyssad’s mind but he pushed it away.

    “It seems.”

    The Dreadlord had to suppress a huge grin. It seems like he succeeded.

    “Now Kalyssad, I think you are ready, go and bring me the mistress’ head. Mazgrez has found their new coven some time ago, but you will be alone to do the deed this time.”

    “Your wish is my command.”

    Kalyssad equipped his arm blades and ventured to the new Sayaad coven. He waited for the dusk to settle and made his move. With his powers it was child’s play for him to kill most of the guards and make his way to the Mistress’ chamber. With a burst of entropic fire Kalysaad destroyed the last door between him and his pray.

    “I have waited for this moment a long time.”

    The mistress was guarded by two more succubi and clad in a revealing but still protective chainmail. The three demons were ready to attack.
    Kalyssad laughed and used his shadow powers to quickly manifest behind one of the guards and snap her neck; within seconds a quick jab of his forearm blade cut the second succubus’s throat. With an elegant spin the demon got some distance between him and his real target.

    “You knew this day would come didn’t you?”

    “I did think you would come back but what you became is disturbing. And all of that because of that witch Bronna.”

    Kalyssad laughed loud and clear. His laugh seemed to intimidate the mistress enormously.

    “It is nothing about her. Don’t you see? It was all fate, we cannot escape the master’s plans for our universe. And I for myself want to be on the winning side.”

    “You are insane! The Nether did this to you!”

    “Oh no, you and your precious coven take the credit for that, including Bronna. But is doesn’t matter anymore to me. And it will not matter much longer to you.”

    Kalyssad submerged in his streaks of darkness and struck a swift blow that left a deep flesh wound on the mistress’s arm when he manifested out of the succubus’s range he laughed at her and licked the blood of his claws.
    The mistress stood there in disbelief of what just happened.

    "I see that there is no use to argue with you anymore, the legion has dug its claws to deep into your mind, so stop playing with me, and finish it!”

    “So you know that you don't stand a chance against the Legion’s might I have been bestowed with? What a pity, I planned on enjoying this longer.”

    Kalyssad approached the mistress again with his supernatural speed and dug the claws of his right hand deeply into her chest. The succubus coughed up blood and looked at the demon, whose face was now just a few inches in front of her own.

    “That is why … we left the legion, because what becomes… of us if we follow them blindly.”

    Kalyssad twisted his claws and ended the muttering of the mistress once and for all.
    There he stood, between the dead remains of his former life, and he felt nothing. No satisfaction, no bitterness, He looked into a mirror on the wall, and saw his green eyes staring at him. He just felt the wish to report his success back to his masters.

    When Kalyssad returned he was greeted with respect by the Tothrezim including Mazgrez, but when he arrived at his camp, the Legion’s succubi where there too. They met his eyes with looks of pure hate and disgust but he did not care for them. When he spottet Ven’gyr he kneeled down and reported.

    “The rogue coven has been annihilated as you wished.”

    The Shadowdancer raised his hand with which he held the severed head of the mistress.

    “Very well. The masters and me are very satisfied with your success. Kil’jaeden even sent you a gift.”

    The Dreadlord opened his palm in which a small brightly green gem resided. The jewel started to levitate in front of Kalysaad, when suddenly green flame lashes erupted from the gem and struck Kalyssad’s upper body.
    The demon did not know if the sensation he felt was excruciating pain or waves of pleasure that struck him. He saw that the whip lashes left deep purple nearly black marks on his body. After a few moments the crystal burst into flames and vanished.

    “You now bear the marks of the master Kil’jaeden. I hope you have seen this sayaad. If any of you touches him the master will have your heads.”

    Kalyssad grinned smugly.

    “I thank the great Kil’jaeden for his offers, and I offer him my eternal servitude. But now I need to replenish my strength.”

    “If you are looking for the draenei, we need her for something else.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Kil’jaeden wants you as a spy looking for the Draenei and their leader Velen.”

    “But master I am a great infiltrator but I know nothing of spying or deceiving.”

    “You will not need that much knowledge with the gift I have for you. Usually the Nathrezim were there to deceive the mortals into following the legion but now since the Eredar joined us it is up to them to do so. I for my part do not agree with that decision, that is why you will be my new spymaster.”

    “Why me master?”

    “Your race is perfect for it, except for their stupid attraction to the opposite gender, which you luckily lack. Together with the mind tricks I told you, your shadow dancing and the ritual I am about to tell you, you are perfect.”

    That was when Kalyssad learned the ritual his present self was about to perform.

    After that he spent millennia chasing the Draenei. But he never succeeded. During his search he was assigned to seduce many cultures into opening gateways for the Legion. He often was one of the first to step into new worlds and make way for the armies of chaos.
    About ten thousand years ago from now he was assigned to fight in the War of the Ancients, that was one of the first times the burning legion lost a war.
    After the defeat, he kept chasing the Draenei, and when the Legion finally got a hold of them, Kalyssad was assigned to assist Gul’dan’s shadow council. He disguised as an orcish warrior with his ritual and was able to infiltrate the orcish horde and he made it to Azeroth, the world that withstood the Legion before. He never really broke his disguise, and switched allegiancies and shapes frequently, but seeing that even a Nathrezim failed to plot against Azeroth’s mortals he was confident that he was doing right, by not risking to blow his cover. The time always worked in the Legion’s favour. All he had to do was spread the seed of chaos and wait for it to bloom.

    The demon was taken out of his thoughts by a muffled scream. The farmer’s daughter was awake.
    The demon put aside the flute he found, and grabbed his onyx kris.
    The demon walked up to the screaming woman and quickly made two shallow cuts in her wrists. He stepped back until he was in the middle of the rune circle. He started muttering incantations and let go of his weapon’s handle. The ritual dagger started to float midair. The small drops of blood that trickled from the woman’s wounds hit the ground and immediately started to flow in gossamer streams along the runes. The demon kneeled down and spread his arms. His body was slowly painted by the thin blood streams.
    He ended his incantation with a sharp word of command. In the same second his Kris stabbed the chest of the woman.

    A thick stream of blood from the wound immediately encased Kalyssad, until he was completely covered with blood.
    The moment this happened the blood started boiling on the demons skin and transformed the demon’s body. Under the thin layer of liquid Kalyssads hand grew smaller and the claws turned into fingernails. His wings were pushed back into his body, as were his horns. The hair and hooves on his legs were fading into human legs, while the demon was cringing in pain. After a mere moment the transformation was complete. The Incubus stood up and inspected his new human exterior. He nodded and walked over to the clothes he collected. He slipped into them and picked up the flute. He then sent away the two felhounds he summoned through a small portal. That would leave a little taint on his new body, but it was necessary that they guard him during the ritual. After the hounds crossed the portal the demon left the cave with his weapons wrapped in a sheet of linen. When he was out of the cave, he set the interior of the cave on fire. He used no entropic fire since that would leave traces he did not want. When the deed was done he picked up his bag to head for stormwind and earn some coin as a bagger. He would surely also pick up some useful gossip. That was how the demon’s days went for millennia. Steadily working to bring chaos to mortal worlds, in the fallen Titan’s name.
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