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    Bloodline Champions

    So I came across this game yesterday, got in to the beta, and boy is it fun.
    It's a mix between wow arena, dota, hon, lol apparently, worth giving a try.
    Anyone else in the beta?


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    Oui senior.

    Enjoying it quite abit myself, I was never a fan of WoW arena, so I feel that says something for others who may be put off due to it's vague comparison to WoW arena's.

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    Im really enjoying bloodline, the fact that there is no gear(al la dota) that makes your hero OP if youve farmed well is great. To do well you need skillz :d

    Fun game, but im not sure it has the longevity as other arena, hero vs hero games. And ill put money on it that when diablo 3 pvp lands it will blow any competitor out of the water

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    Diablo 3 isn't about PVP though, yes you have the option to compete against each other, but they've stated that they will not balance the PVP game at the cost of PVE. I don't think anyone even remotely serious about PVP arena will pick up Diablo 3 as their fix.

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