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    Seal/Exorcism idea.

    Well ya know I have played rift a bit and well I am back on wow but after playing that I came to think exactly what could really help with the mobility/toolkit issue the paladin in terms of ret seems to have. I mean we have all these spells but they are not really fully properly utilized and well the seals, more or less a sick joke at this point its like Truth or Insight and thats it in most cases. Righteousness just sucks (as we know all too well) and Justice could be MUCH better. The idea i got from rift was after playing their cleric and going Justicar main with Inquisitioner side with sentinel (worked very well i might add) and basically its a ret paladin. Except.. with a lot of survivability, a snare, a 20sec cd stun that damages, a ranged toolkit, no immunity but a 1 min cd bubble that absorbs dmg for 10 seconds and a brez not to mention support by AoE heals. But I bring this example because I think the Seals should be changed and Exorcism and Art of War should be looked at.

    Seal of Righteousness: Now has the Seal of Truth's effect.

    Seal of Truth: Increases your Mastery rating by X and your attack speed by y. When you judge the target they take z more holy damage for 10 seconds.

    Seal of Insight: All abilities that heal or deal damage aoe heal for 5 - 10% of the damage or healing dealt. Judgement remains the same.

    Seal of Justice: Now when you judge a target they are rooted for 3 seconds.
    -Glyph of Seals: Instead of Truth granting Expertiese all seals grant it.

    Selfless Healer: Revamped, increases the healing done by your Seal of Insight by 150/300%, in addition while this seal is active all damage you deal is increased by x%. (I would like to say around the 5/10% at 2nd rank but without math to determine where this could go this could be very op)

    Exorcism: Now has an 8 second cooldown. In addition now leaves a DoT over the target for 8 seconds.
    -Glyph of Exorcism: Increases the damage of the Exorcism dot by 20%.

    Denounce: Now also your Holy Shocks have a 30 or 50% (one of the two as so holy wont have issues soloing) to refresh the CD of your Exorcism.

    Art of War: Reduces the cast time and mana cost of your Exorcism by 33/66/100% and in addition your autoattacks have a 30% chance of refreshing the cooldown of Exorcism.

    The idea for ret at least is to have more of a choice when it comes for seals, do you need the gap closer or to snare a target? Perhaps you need to help support the group by healing a bit but not forsaking too much damage, perhaps your just going to raw out dps. The idea behind Truth is to make the mastery rating go up so where we do not rely so heavily on the Censure effect to deal much damage and less ramp up over all, I put a good amount of thought into getting away from censure because of how much attack speed and mastery would the seal have to give to make you deal on par or a bit more damage then with the Truth we have now. In regards to Righteousness its a garbage seal atm, this would give it some use at least in terms of more then just leveling and we will have 4 seals to choose from. And since SoComm would make it cleave you can spread Censure in an AoE situation.

    In regard to Insight it will give a bit more group healing to the Holy tree and if needed the ret can use this to deal damage while providing support for his/her teammates, this logic came into mind after seeing the big cd nerf to WoG and then the buff that was taken away to Selfless Healer. I thought well trade out more top end damage for support, get more healing from insight via selfless healer and deal 10% more damage flat when using the seal as ret.

    Justice again to go to, we need a snare. Why not place it upon its judgment. And in this case we see three sort of passive things here.
    -Auras: Raid buffs
    -Seals: Situational Buffs
    -Judgement: Raid Buff, Damage, Debuffs

    Then you have your procs and active damage, it is really still FCFS without a doubt, refresh InQ as per usual though I would love to see ret have some sort of refresh mechanic attached but I have a feeling it wont really happen any time soon. If it does some talent needs to be updated to where TV should refresh it.

    But all in all this addresses Proper utility, Selfless Healer made better (at least in my opinion), better seal coverage. Though I will say even though i place this idea about a new SoT I am still skeptical about it, mainly because would such an increase to attack speed (which should effect sanctity of battle) and mastery would the mastery we have just destroy everything in sight? I mean I love doing tons of damage as much as the next guy but some sense of balance should be had at least which is why I do not know the sweet spot for the numbers it should give. Hopefully however you will see what I am getting and the points I make so where the class is a bit more fun to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iktankniet View Post
    ok, i made this topic because alot of ppl seem to have 'good' idea's.

    so instead of making a topic for your awesome idea, you can put in in here!

    if you are being ignorant and still make your own topic, ill delete it straight away.

    let the fun begin!

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