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    Ahhh, the Ret, the fabled crit-winged god of win. The Ret was winning before Charlie Sheen was. The ret MADE the 7 gram rocks. The Ret is all that is win.

    I had forgotten about these pics for so long, seeing them again made me very very happy. Thank you so much for bringing back the memories and the lulz.
    It's not just me, it's ALL rets. Join the ret MS club, get bitches, get money, get nerfed.
    It takes idiots to do cool things. That's why they're cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quackie View Post
    This vanished when the old WoW forums went away. Thank God it's been saved here in all its glory! =)
    Indeed, was a hilarious reading.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jonuts View Post
    Pretty sad when being deathgripped is my most reliable gap closer! THAT is some BS too.

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    Old Fond memories....
    Where's QD Hamir at ...sigh.

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    Oh men, things like this make me smile when i look upon all this time as ret (i play since the EU launch), but sometimes i need to switch to holy to raid (at least during vanilla QQ).

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    Great read, brings up great memories!

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    Blech, smells like corpses in here. Don't practice thread necromancy, kids.


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