View Poll Results: Who is the most powerful?

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  • Garrosh (Orcs)

    44 12.98%
  • Sylvanas (Forsaken)

    84 24.78%
  • Vol'jin (Troll)

    23 6.78%
  • Varian (Human)

    71 20.94%
  • Bloodhoof (Touren)

    8 2.36%
  • Bloodelf dude (sorry cant remember name)

    11 3.24%
  • Prophet Velen (Dreanai)

    42 12.39%
  • Tyranade (Nightelf)

    13 3.83%
  • Magni Bronzebeard (Dwarf)

    23 6.78%
  • The gnome guy (Cant remember the name)

    20 5.90%
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    Quote Originally Posted by mariosatr View Post
    Velen has uber power, but if Thrall realized his true potential, he would crit like Gorefiend on steroids and would be pretty closely matched with Deathwing. Malfurion is pretty closely matched with Thrall as well at the moment, but would be pretty far away if Thrall realized his true potential. Another good contender would be Deathwing, like mentioned before. Also the other contenders are the Dragon Aspects, the Naaru... but in overall, I think The Dread Elders (guess who they are ) win it in Azeroth; not even Deathwing could kill one and live to tell the tale.

    In the Dark Beyond and Twisting Nether... Sargeras and Aggramar are quite closely matched, as is Aman'thul. The other titans come up just behind the three.
    Aye, Velen is actually the most powerful faction leader right now, but usually people don't realise this because his power isn't as destructive as that of Kil'jaeden (both of them are quite equal in my opinion. Seeing as they both, together with Archimonde, led the Eredar society and were considered the 3 most powerful of the whole race.)

    Thrall isn't nearly as powerful as Deathwing, he lacks the experience of Malfurion, etc. Also bear in mind that Thrall only recently started to advance his shamistic powers more because he was quite busy with leading the horde the past couple years. Malfurion fought in almost every war in WoW-universe besides the whole Horde vs Alliance thing, so yeah. He has seen a lot more than Thrall. He might have tremendous amounts of potential, but that doesn't mean rats ass if you neglect it or don't have the experience.

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    Whats with mmochampion and Forsaken fanboys?
    on a serious note, it has to be the dwarfs. The dark irons, muradin and falstad all in the same room equals dead horde. But i'd prefer they put Kurden Wildhammer there instead. I reckon hes the most powerful mortal between the horde and alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tilatequila View Post
    sylvanas isnt winning because she has more fanboys, your just too stubborn to look up the lore on her. shes probably most out of all the leaders on there and by far more powerful than voljin who merely took back a few scattered islands..
    *sigh* I never said that Vol'jin was the most powerful. I just said that i wanted him to be warchief. sylvanas is strong. but not as strong as Velen or Malfurain. She IS winning coz of fanboys. but clearly you are one of them..soo..yeah. not much can change your mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
    Hell no.

    There's a reason she's The Boss.
    Stabby stab stab.
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    "True Leader" I entered this thread hoping to vote for Thrall.... Was a total let down when I realized it was for "Faction" Leaders... Weak. <_<

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