1. How old are you?

2. What is your gender?

3. In what country do you reside?

4. What is your ethnicity?

5. How many hours per day (on average) do you spend playing the game?

6. Do you have a significant other that plays the game?

7. Why do you play the game?

8. What roles are you happiest performing in the game?

9. Do you have difficulty expressing ideas in groups while playing the game?

10. What discourages you while playing the game?

11. What frustrates you while playing the game?

12. Do you feel pressured by your group mates when you play?

13. What do you believe your role should be in groups?

14. What is your relationship with your group mates?

15. Do you feel that the game provides for your social needs?

I would appreciate it if some people would help me out and fill out the questions. You can simply post them in the forum. I am conducting some research as to how gender role theory works online, and this is of great importance to me. Thank you!

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