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    ordered a new PSU as well as my 2nd water cool parts for gpus once i install everything id be happy to post some pics =)

    thanks for the replies and suggestion on the PSU

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    Quote Originally Posted by llDemonll View Post
    eBay maybe, but I just refer to Newegg as my reference point.

    And why is a pic needed? He's asking for suggestions, who cares if he's lying or not. If he is, then he is; if he's not then he's not.
    Nothing is needed. Sounds like a nice rig and I would like to see it when it is finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dethh View Post
    Can the Op post apic I have a hard time believing anyone on here since that one guy Jiran iirc.
    Pretty much screams 'pics or lying'

    But I do agree that it sounds like a pretty rig and would be nice to see pictures of the finished product
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    parts should be here in 5-7 days ill post pics when i get time to install

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