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  • (Vanilla) Rogue

    107 20.34%
  • (Vanilla) Warrior (MS)

    16 3.04%
  • (Vanilla) Shaman (Enh)

    65 12.36%
  • (Burning Crusade) Warlock (SL/SL)

    102 19.39%
  • (Burning Crusade) Druid (Resto)

    90 17.11%
  • (Burning Crusade) Priest (Disc)

    1 0.19%
  • (Wrath Season 1) Paladin (Holy)

    48 9.13%
  • (Wrath Season 1) DeathKnight

    97 18.44%
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    clearly classic Enhancement, ... but nowadays we suffer for the evils that our shaman ancestors have done in vanilla

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    (Vanilla) Rogue

    (Vanilla) Warrior (MS)

    (Vanilla) Shaman (Enh)
    Vanilla was so unbalanced it's not even funny, there was no 'real' pvp - Grindfest with pocket healers or killing people naked, OP yes but doesn't deserve it imo.

    (Burning Crusade) Warlock (SL/SL)

    (Burning Crusade) Druid (Resto)

    (Burning Crusade) Priest (Disc)
    Here I'm stuck, from what I remember Druids were a pain to kill because of their stupid healing, but then again that's what a healer does.. so out of these I think SL/SL since they couldn't be killed either, while still doing damage.

    (Wrath Season 1) Paladin (Holy)

    (Wrath Season 1) DeathKnight
    OP for one season until people get resi because of a bubble seems pretty silly since priests/warriors can dispel it now. Death Knights.. Well, they were the 'Hero' Class, and were OP so everyone re-rolled to try new roles out.. and because of a bug and their unbalanced stuff(for one season) I don't think they can get the vote.

    I'd like to say Frost Mages because they've not been "op" but they've been better than average constantly, never underpowered at all.. They have a lot of damage, a lot of control and a lot of survivability, but since they're not in the list;-

    SL/SL Warlock it is, imo.
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    Mages, PoMPyro in Vanilla was teh shit.

    SL/SL Warlocks were good, but the most boring PvP spec I've ever played. ;D

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    Classic enhancement for sure. I don't know what the designers were thinking when they allowed windfury to proc off of itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonidze View Post
    Mage in pvp. for the last two years.
    The only reason why most ppl think mage was OP during WotLK is bcos it was underpowered during whole TBC, except maybe S4, and most mages got so pro that they find the way to kill everything, and if they can't kill it, than reset and try again, and when they got normalized in WotLK, than that skill come to a point where, when you see pro mage playing, you think mage is so OP.

    It was the same with lock in S1, but vice versa. Since lock was so OP in WotLK, than most lock that was high rated become so noobish, that they couldn't handle normalize of the class. Same goes with Vanilla rogue. They were OP at the point where they could stun lock you to the death, and after they got normalized most of them couldn't kill any1.

    BTW, one joke for the end,

    What is in common with rogues and noobs?
    - They both pick locks...

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    Now I play a troll shaman, when I say LFG its like BAM invites fly whooooooooooaaaahaha. But thats not the best part! TOTEMS TOTEMS TOTEMS. So not only am I doing crazy DPS but I increase my parties aswell haha. What you want a heal? SURE! Ill throw down a healing stream totem while I cast FROST SHOCK and who needs mana potions while I can just pop down a mana tide totem?! WHILE I CAST FROST SHOCK! Oh hell, why dont I just self ress?! AND BAM!! CAST FROST SHOCK!

    I think that confirms what I voted for :3

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    BC sl/sl warlocks, with full pvp gear they were killable 1 vs 1 by one other class, PVE geared rogues with dual glaves and all cds if you dident have trinket or coil ready. The rest could not kill you period.
    Vanila warriors were imba aswell 40% enrage !! but they required a healer to perform.

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    you should've added rets in early wotlk on the list. aswell as mages

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    Reckoning bombs says hi.

    Pally when the bug was still in the game. Who likes pallies who can 1 shot any boss in classic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishara View Post
    Reckoning bombs says hi.

    Pally when the bug was still in the game. Who likes pallies who can 1 shot any boss in classic?
    Fury warriors rampage :P

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    Rogue is the best class for PVP troughout the times. THe class has never been ''completely useless''.
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    Im going to vote resto druids (and ferals too) in TBC. But well, Im very surprised that retri paladin in 3.0 patch didnt make it up here. I remember when WoTLK patch hit... getting boned in 3 seconds by a paladin in blues while being a warrior in merciless set. I was like "WAIT, WAT?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Tigercat
    A warrior is kinda like a blender.* You can shatter it from a long way off with a gun, or you could even pull the plug so it can't move, but if you stick your face into it when it's moving you're going to lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abacus View Post
    Im going to vote resto druids (and ferals too) in TBC. But well, Im very surprised that retri paladin in 3.0 patch didnt make it up here. I remember when WoTLK patch hit... getting boned in 3 seconds by a paladin in blues while being a warrior in merciless set. I was like "WAIT, WAT?"
    Since no one bothered to read my long original post I made the first sentence state that transition patches were not going to be used because of how blizzard feels about class balance during these times.

    And as for frost mages...they are only OP vs melee..healers and other casters have a MUCH easier time dealing with frost mages.

    And no im not a mage..I just never saw them as "EXTREMELY OP!!" like a lot of you do. They have always been viable but have always had weaknesses too (I play priest paladin).

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    I actually voted Rogue because they have always been on the line of balanced and overpowered. They have never really been underpowered.

    Also when going against a rogue it's more of a gear vs. rogue battle instead of skill vs. skill battle. The skill only kicks in once both are arguably decently geared. Of course the nerf to stunlock will have a huge impact on this and might change my opinion.

    Also, the other classes you mentioned weren't THAT OP for nearly long enough to justify it. (Though, Death Knights S5 were pretty bad ass)

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    Rofl at the PvE heroes talking about PvP.

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    POM PYRO was still awesome, deserved a spot

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    If you didn''t vote for death knights season 5, you weren't there... YOU WEREN'T THERE!!!
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    I can't decide though honestly between Rogue and Shammies in Vanilla

    Wish they would bring 2h enh back those were the days!

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    I'm kind of split between Vanilla rogues and TBC locks. Went with rogues, though, for the simple reason that if you got stunlocked without a PvP trinket (or you were a mage) there was basically nothing you could do to survive against a rogue who had any measure of skill. Sure, locks in TBC were godlike, but at least they didn't make me feel completely helpless every time I fought them.
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    Gonna have to go with rogues. They had their time, and it was lulz
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