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    Laptop: Asus vs. Qosmio

    I'm planning on getting a new laptop this year because my current one is three years old and only has 2gb memmory. I've heard that Asus and Qosmio make great gaming computers. I will probably upgrade them from 4gb to 8gb, also.

    I'm considering the Asus N71JQ-XT1:



    the Qosmio X505-Q888


    Just want opinions on which would be good for WoW and just use in general.

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    That Toshiba has better graphics card, bigger monitor, BluRay reader and whatnot... It also costs $300 more. No doubt out of the two laptops you linked the Qosmio is much better.

    Also unless you know for sure you need 8GB of RAM, you do not need it and money spent on memory upgrades from 4GB is money wasted.
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    I ordered the ASUS, and it's fantastic. I'm also an engineering student though, so I primarily need something that multitasks well and can play WoW well without being too expensive. The GPU is better, but you really wouldn't notice a difference unless you played one of the much more intensive games like Metro on it. For WoW the two are negligible in regards to graphics. As Vesseblah said, the Toshiba is better but the 300 dollars worth of accessories should really be put to use, otherwise you'd be better off with the ASUS.

    **actually, the price difference is more than 300, because the ASUS comes with a warranty and the Toshiba doesn't.
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    A buddy of myself and I had the same debate while we were in Iraq. I ordered an ASUS (G73) and he ordered a Qosmio (same model your considering). This was back in February, and they were very similar in price. I actually like Toshibas, and have a few in the past, but from my experience ASUS blows them out of the water when it comes to gaming laptops.
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    I have two friends that both got the G73 from asus, they have had a great experience with their laptops, and I believe Asus is on top of their game currently in the way of customer service (let's face it, when you order a laptop this MATTERS). I'd go for the n71 personally, or if you are a little more into running the newer games with high settings check out the G73. Of course I would only get that for gaming.. it's a big friggin laptop to tote around to classes or something.

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