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    Steam Problem And Question

    This is posted here because of lack of help from any steam official forum
    Your a smarter bunch anyways.

    So had a problem with Steam could not connect, could not even really go offline mode.
    Restarting the pc did not change anything steam was having issues
    now it was today so Tuesday maintenance right steam does it Tuesdays as well i hear.

    Then I tried repair and it could not repair without connecting,
    So I un-intsalled then re-installed the Steam client.

    Steam worked again but it wants me to sit through re-installing all my games.
    My saved game files are still on my pc but are any of my Games saved someplace else on my hard drive?
    Or did they get un-installed when steam un-installed?

    If they were Un-installed it was mere seconds and im not used to that much data deleting that fast.

    So to summarize, is there a faster way for me to get my games back without re-installing each one?

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    If i remember correctly, if you get rid of steam it will get rid all the Games you downloaded on there, Also it does delete it quick. There is no really way to get all your games back quickly. You just have to install them all again sorry :{

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