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    About to turn on new comp(Need OC help)

    I finally recieved my graphics card from newegg today, put it in, and I'm about to go buy a monitor to get ready to fire this baby up. After I install windows and get everything running smoothly, I'd like to overclock it(I've bought a pretty decent system, I'll link the specs at the end). My motherboard already comes with TunerV Evo, which is an Asus software which renders overclocking easier, and doing most of the work for me. Being a techy, I'd like to learn to OC bymyself, and I was wondering if there are any good/trusted guides for helping me get started?

    CoolerMaster HAF 922(Extra 200mm Side fan)
    Corsair TX750w PSU
    Intel I5-760 2.8ghz CPU
    Hyper 212+(Push/Pull setup)
    Asus P7P55D-E Motherboard
    SapphireTech ATI 6870 1gb
    G.Skill Ripjaws 4gb DDR3(1600)
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 7200RPM
    Lite-on DVD drive
    Windows 7 Home 64-bit

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    read and understand that whole article, then you will be ready to overclock
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    Don't use software for overclocking.

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    Don't use software.
    Don't have any turbo boost enabled in bios.
    Do everything in small increments so you know exactly what went wrong.
    Don't leave any voltage setting on auto it will mess with the stability of your OC.
    This is after you have done some research of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Don't use software for overclocking.
    Much love for the truth in that statement.

    Being a techy
    Being interested in technology. Someday you will be a full fledged techie when you know these things, but while you are still learning, not quite a techie. Edit for clarification: I'm not quite a techie yet myself, still much to learn. I would double so say that when I'm around people who really do know these things inside and out.
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    By techie* i meant interrested very much by electronics/computers/etc xD Sorry should of clarified that..

    For the hell of it I did use the TurboV Evo with extreme settings.. managed to get my CPU to 3.9ghz... I HAVE NO idea what it did to the bios and I've been running Prime95 now just to see if its stable.. but since I dont feel comfortable with it, im gonna stay at stock settings until i feel good enough to go ahead and OC myself, thanks for the help guys
    (Btw my comp is AMAZING! 28C at idle temps.. omg )

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