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    You should just wait a few days and then stay up 4 days straight leveling to 85 in cataclysm imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leksi View Post
    Most of my staying up for multiple days escapades have been due to WoW. If you lack entertainment on WoW, then I can only suggest acheivements, leveling Horde (assuming you've only done alliance) as that 1-60 has changed as well, reputation, etc.

    There is always -something- you can work on in terms of character completion.
    Although something like that would work for me personally, I don't know if OP has the kind of perfectionist obsessive mentality required to derive entertainment value out of bolstering his achievement panes on multiple characters. On a related note, I'm planning to do a sleep-deprivation run and see just how far I'm able to make it before I pass out suddenly.

    OT: Leksi, some of my Laughing Skull friends and I have been wondering, did all the <Deus Vox> raiders change their character names? Several of the "regulars" seem to have different monikers these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by End'ghao View Post
    I personally recommend League of legends. with over 100 hours, you can probably learn it, as well as get a ton of practice!

    All you have to do is wait until they are done patching it ><
    Adding another vote for League of Legends.

    You can't get much better for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuckless View Post
    Ok, so...
    For my final assignment in my AP Human Anatomy class we are discussing sleep deprivation.

    Everyone in the class is assigned a different task, and I insisted I be the one doing the sleep deprivation.

    Upon arriving home, and doing a few BG's on my mage/paladin, I have run into something.. A lack of entertainment.

    So, to keep me awake I need a game that is going to be very addictive, MMO and RPG preferably. I enjoy FPS's also.

    Can anyone recommend me a good game? It needs to be free also. I don't have in money at the moment, but if it is a game I can torrent, I'll try that too =D

    My buddy told me to make a brand new character combination(Human Hunter for example), and just level that. Any suggestions on most favorite combo? I already am leveling a NE Mage, so no NE's please... or Dreanie/BE.. Old zones to me...
    Okay. First. Go on a music listening spree, learn all of them.
    I'll get you started:

    Okay, whilst you're doing that, try and do things that fit the music scene.
    Music and things to do:
    Clubbed to Death - go on a BG kill spree with all your zeal (but not energy, save it) and pown them hard.
    Furious Angels - Do the same but better!
    Amazing Super Mario World Music - Make a montage of amazing Roleplaying clips.
    But seriously, listen to this one anyway. Bloody outstanding.
    Globus - Take me Away - Take a walk in WoW checking out all the badass new stuff.
    Globus - Europa - Do a raid and / or a bit of World PvP / BG's / Arena.
    Globus - Orchard of Mines - Take a longer walk in WoW where this really kicks in. Possibly cry.
    Creed - My Sacrifice - With this you can do mostly whatever you want.

    Most of these I suggest you watch on your own anyway - they're all great in my opinion (especially the top one).
    Other than that, all I can suggest is watching Totalbiscuits videos (or doing it yourself ), or Jesse Cox's.

    But there could be a game out there, if you got Steam, try Alien Swarm. If you like it, get level 27.
    It's 2GB but it's free, amazing.

    Also, if you got StarCraft II, burn out your time playing any Custom Game you see. You could be quite surprised

    Oh, and Calignosity's post about staying awake after 48 hours is quite accurate HOWEVER it doesn't apply for all people.
    It's where you are awake, get tired and then it happens where you are not tired anymore, but some people (not me however) go extremely tired after that.

    One more thing, learn some WoW lore. It's one of the greatest stories I know.
    Wait. it is the greatest story I know.

    Apart from ALL that which I suggest you try as I did, you could always attempt broadcasting your achievement in WoW channels (and get flamed), on FPS games (preferably to friends), and others.
    Which. Also...
    Reminds me of the next thing you could do!
    If you're like me and have a lot of friends (not in RL mind), you could go on cooperative sprees with your buddies throughout the days roflstomping on WoW / shooters online. If one bails out, get another, if another bails out, get another. Hopefully you got some friends who play in say... America, and have a significant hour difference (since you must stay up for about 4 days).

    Don't consume sugar unless it's natural by the way. Try fruit instead, very nice.
    It may also help balance the unhealthiness slightly.

    - H

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    My best is 3 days straight with my friend. We didn't try, It just happened. But what's crazy is that we both drank 12 bottles (1,5 L) of Coca Cola in the first night. I guess that's why we stayed awake. Got a lot of level ups during that time :P
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    That doesn't sound healthy at all, but it is your choice (I guess sorta?). Good luck, I hope nothing bad happens.

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    ive been up for a week before but that was because i had thid GF in high school that was perfect for me and i broke up with her for no reason and well...lets just say i couldnt sleep thinking about how stupid i was.

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    It's a shame you could wait a week to start the test.
    Keep us informed though, this is rather interesting.
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