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    aha, leak you call this.

    thats nothing more than an intelligent placed information from activision-blizzard. /discuss

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    Boubouille, are you sure with MMOFPS? Year ago (or 2? I am not sure) there were big "leak" when blue on official forum said Titan is RPG game..(they "announced" that with "Titan is new IP" fact)..

    Of still could be MMOFPS with RPG aspects or even MMORPG playing from first person perspective...who knows.

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    Well, if it's MMOFPS, I'm happy, 'cause then I won't quit WoW for that. I have enough good FPS games.

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    nice leaks! u shoud make site "mmoleaks" boub

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    Blademaster,Dreadlord and Pit Lord titles are awesome

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    I think the most interesting thing about Titan is that it's a MMO First Person Shooter (FPS) style of play rather than an MMORPG (role playing game) like WoW is.

    Can't say that I'll be buying into that concept as it's not really what I enjoy.

    I expect the next WoW expansion will be another five levels and the one after that 10 levels.

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    i want to know more about titan, and the titles are kind of awesome

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    Seriously mmofps fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    If I see one more person talk about a Halo MMO....ffs.

    They've already stated it will be completely new IP. Halo, quite obviously, isn't new IP.

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    Now i'm gonna have to not go past 3000 posts D:

    ---------- Post added 2010-12-01 at 07:53 AM ----------

    Or i guess it would be passed 4000, but still

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    Quote Originally Posted by tobokke View Post
    WoW Brazil??? For god sakes... Why not WoW Portugal? I'm not playing that stupid translation for sure...

    For you and the other two guys that live in there?

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    I hope to god that the new MMO isn't an MMOFPS.
    Same. FPS are always the same thing over and over again and they make me dizzy to boot. Rpg plox. And to the person who exclaimed that the majority of Americans enjoy FPS over MMORPGs.. I love how people can say these things without any proof of data behind their statements. Have you polled every American? I think not. Just because you and your bros like the COD doesn't mean everyone does.

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    I find it hard to believe that Blizzard would only give us a little over a year until the next WoW expansion. That's not much lead-in time.

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    Also, I didn't notice the mention of "Veteran of the Shifting Sands" Feat of Strength achievement which I received today when I logged in, maybe I was reading properly tho and it is mentioned above.

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    I like all the titles for the forum.
    I haven't really trusted leaked material. I wait for the Official Announcements. But the time between Expansions seems really logical.

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    I just had a thought (which I'm sure someone else has had, but I can't read the whole thread right now). SC2 Phoenix. A Phoenix is something that rises from the dead. What Starcraft product is dead? Starcraft: Ghost. My prediction is that SC2 Phoenix is Ghost.

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    The "WoW Brazil" term makes me think that it is related to servers in Brazil, not just a language pack. Blizzard recently started some business in the country with SC2 as a header. If it was just the laguange pack it would probably be "WoW Portuguese", as Brazil is not the only country to speak the laguage. It's just thinking tho, as it doesn't come from official sources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avandias View Post
    I find it hard to believe that Blizzard would only give us a little over a year until the next WoW expansion. That's not much lead-in time.
    If I remember correctly, before WOTLK was released Blizzard said they aimed to release an expansion every year (probably because other MMOs intended the same). So it isn't that weird if they're going to try to do that again.

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    Graphs.... graphs everywhere.

    But in all honesty, an FPS MMO? This will be the best thing since New Vegas.

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    This looks like a pretty standard product roadmap. 5 years out is a typical low-end range to be mapping.

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