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    I won't play a FPS mmo. Don't really care for first person shooters. Played them some in early 2000s. If it's a scifi mmo won't play that either. Scifi mmo's tend to not do as well as fantasy mmo's anyway.

    Since wow is fantasy based drawing in 12mil. They'll probably stick with fantasy since that's what works.

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    what worries me though is that someone allready made a post that bungie + blizzard would work on titan.. which would mean it to be a console title?
    Considering the two just signed a 10 year deal with bungie making the game and activisionblizz publishing. Bungie will still own the IP though, and seeing as microsoft still has a stake in Bungie it could get really interesting. Let's say they do make this game, and activisionblizz put it out their as their next big mmo. At the end of that contract Bungie then has the game. So I don't know how that would work out for them.

    Either way there are going to be some bigger issues at hand, like crossing that console pc market. Holy crap microsoft is going to get rich off those two companies (if they weren't enough already).

    I personally don't see the bungie/activisionblizz title going console. That creates so many problems, and it creates lots of licensing issues also. There have been games that have done it, but there is a reason you don't see that many that pull it off.

    Halo, quite obviously, isn't new IP.
    Plus you know Microsoft owns the Halo IP. They have their own game publishing studios etc. Bungies last official Halo was reach, but they have even said if Microsoft wants to make more there is nothing they can do about it. They just won't be the ones making it. Having played every single Halo game I will certainly try out any new ones. I think Microsoft has done a damn fine job on the publishing part, and the technology part.

    The same Bungie that signed a 10 year publishing deal with Activision earlier this year for all future Halo games? The same Activision that merged with Blizzard? And the fact that the Halo MMO that was being developed by Ensemble Studios, then cancelled due to "company politics," until THE SAME DAMN MONTH (April 2010) THAT BUNGIE SIGNED WITH ACTIVISION was called, get this, Titan?
    No they did not sign a deal with Activision for all future halo games. That would be impossible for them to do anyway. The reason Halo poped up so much in that article is they wanted to say "HEY WE GOT THE GUYS WHO MADE HALO!!!!", not because they are doing anything with Halo. Ask yourself why did Microsoft let them go so freely? Anyway the Halo MMO wasn't ever officially announced by microsoft, at least to my recollection.
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    Sargeras will be fightable in "normal"- "heroic"- and "God"-mode, I'm 99% sure about this.

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    I wonder if they'll buff warriors or something ... Protection needs a new skill.

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    The product slate is very, very interesting. But I am wondering if it is real or not? It can be. It can not be. They list WoW Brazil which I'd say would be a major target. But, things released earlier this year are listed as well. Why isn't Latin America listed? I would've thought that would've been a major internal release.

    The hotfixes are interesting. I'm glad that Uther's Blessing got fixed! A lot of high levels whispered my little shaman when I was running about the Western Plaguelands the high levels wanted to know why the quest worked for me and not for them.

    Oh, and hello there! I decided to finally join these forums.

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    A MMOFPS makes a lot of sense actually seeing as how there isn't actually any big ones out there that are new and current. Also rather than take away from the WoW audience, they can tap in to the COD/Halo/Borderlands audience and keep two big scale MMO's running at the same time. It makes a lot of sense, although probably isn't what WoW fans hoping to move to the new MMO were wanting.

    Also re: Gamon. They should buff him in every patch just for fun

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    I just wanna know where does wow go from here. The shattering is happening, and old foes are being brought back. But whats the next step? Sargeras?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EndsFire View Post
    And seeing as how Blizzard never actually sticks to schedule we should probably add 6 months to year onto these estimates?
    I lolled, I don't believe anything about that graph, we see when we see it

    Also 1-60 instances are epic, hope it stays like that

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    Geri0n, good question sometimes I wonder about the same . Mostly those 4 tree gates wich probably lead to the emerald dream make me think when will they do something with that I mean its there since the release day or what.
    Long ago I read somewhere when ppl were asking things about wow and key ppl answered . Questions like what if you run out of ideas with this world , theny they just said we are aware of that but then we just open a new dark portal forexample to the natrezim homeworld or to argus if it still exists . But still if they wana end it ever good it must end with Sargeras , but to defeat a dark titan hmmm not sure we need to be goodly in a way or require some special weaponry to be able to , we shall see ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by nekobaka View Post
    I doubt SC2 expansion and Diablo3 will be released in the same year, think of all the tech support Blizzard would have to hire or then again why would they because customer service is certainly not first.
    Have you ever tried other companies' customer service? Blizzard's CS is actually very very good compared to others. Especially considering they have a whole lot more customers than most of the competition in the gaming industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moleculor View Post
    My prediction is that SC2 Phoenix is SC1 reborn in the SC2 engine, with SC2 voice actors, etc. Possibly even SC2 design philosophies (so it won't be a redo of the missions themselves, as those were all "build base, kill base", but will do different types of missions while retaining the storyline).
    I actually am betting Phoenix is a current code name for the Protoss expansion. A pheonix is a protoss unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auralie View Post
    I actually am betting Phoenix is a current code name for the Protoss expansion. A pheonix is a protoss unit.

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    Is this release schedule really news? Most of us who have watched Blizzard have already estimated those time frames.

    My bet is that this is just somebody taking long term guesses and tabulating it to show it online and troll the Community.

    If it is real, it doesn't change anything.

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    I want Diablo 3 to be released as soon as it's done. My first characters will be Barbarian and Sorceress. My secondary character will be that Demon Hunter. I don't like the Witch Doctor, looks gay. The monk was the replacement for the noble Paladin? I didn't like that. -sigh-

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    One thing is missing on the chart. Warcraft 4... Or did WoW kill that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knirps View Post
    The number one, best part about instances is that you get a big boost. No one wants to run them 15 times an hour to break even to questing. I have never heard someone legitamitly and seriously say, 'OMG those instance quests gave me SO much exp, I am so infuriated that my orange quests from the area I was in are now yellow or green and that I might have to spend less time completing them to move on to the next zone to level up more even though I got an awesome boost from an easy instance...........whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?' See, even in that scenario, it's impossible for that hypothetical person to even imagine not liking the, basically, one time extra boost that instance quests give.

    But no. Thanks Blizz. I understand wanting to force people to view as much as your crappy new water effects by leveling as slowly as possible and having no survivability whatsoever, but can you give us a break? Maybe a 12% break?
    And that is where you are wrong. I actually started a low level toon because I wanted to see the new quests. I thought I would do some dungeons to see the changes. I would run three dungeons and already be WAY overlevelled for where I currently was in the quest zones.

    Not everyone plays to level up as quickly as possible. The leveling in dungeons was absurdly fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodaxe View Post
    One thing is missing on the chart. Warcraft 4... Or did WoW kill that?
    Starcraft 2 killed that. You can look for WC4 a few years after the second expansion for SC2, so... 5 years from now?

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    Over a month ago I described almost exact the same development road to my friends. I did that simply by knowing Blizzard development cycle and gaming market. Looking at this graph makes me laugh.

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    Wow lets get this Straight...
    Titan is there next MMO, so they are going to try and succeed in the MMOFPS genre market where others have terribly fail..

    I hope i'm around to see how this pans out.... Got to give them credit on trying.

    If it plays like CoD (call of duty) but with loots in place and other stuff, i'll try it at best..
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    Just googled it and 2nd link is something that people may find interesting - saw this on a blog website but not sure if its legit. Just some information on the Titan project - nothing that reveals content but does mention they have developed the engine for the game and that the project is in the diablo wing of the blizz building under lockdown.

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