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    MMOFPS? Im really disappointed. I was hoping for new fantasy MMO because I dont like sci fi and fps games

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    Not an MMOFPS! Well I hope they don't kill off WoW, coz I ain't playing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tang View Post
    Starcraft 2 killed that. You can look for WC4 a few years after the second expansion for SC2, so... 5 years from now?
    How did SC2 kill that? I mean we still played WC3 after SC came out..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck-Shot View Post
    Wow lets get this Straight...
    Titan is there next MMO, so they are going to try and succeed in the MMOFPS genre market where others have terribly fail..

    I hope i'm around to see how this pans out.... Got to give them credit on trying.

    If it plays like CoD (call of duty) but with loots in place and other stuff, i'll try it at best..
    Yeah, looks like Activision has influenced Blizzard more than we previously thought.

    All jokes aside, I'm still interested to see what they plan on doing with it, since MMO and FPS has never really been that successful.
    "Blizz hates Horde, just look at AV, Racial's, and SW Harbor"

    Oh yeah? Horde has a f**king Rock Band...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodaxe View Post
    How did SC2 kill that? I mean we still played WC3 after SC came out..
    WC3 didn't come out until well after Broodwar. SC2 didn't come out until well after The Frozen Throne. I think it's pretty obvious that they're not going to release the next iteration in their RTS series until they've fully milked the current one. That means we're going to see Heart of the Swarm and whatever the Protoss expansion for SC2 is called, and then after awhile we *might* see Warcraft 4.

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    whoever dropped the ball on this, if it is real, has some seriously explanation to give. The fact that it is being circulated is even worse imo

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    Gamon should have been the best title imo XD

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    I can definitely tell you the schedule is a fake. The reason is it has a time-line for the movie that is current, except movie time-line was changed 2 months ago, it needed to reflect the time-line 8 months ago, not a current time-line. Who ever made this did their homework, but not good enough to be caught cheating.

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    wow movie ftw 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moleculor View Post
    My prediction is that SC2 Phoenix is SC1 reborn in the SC2 engine, with SC2 voice actors, etc. Possibly even SC2 design philosophies (so it won't be a redo of the missions themselves, as those were all "build base, kill base", but will do different types of missions while retaining the storyline).
    I think it's gonna be their first attempt for a starship shooter, like they tried an FPS with Ghost :P

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    how does something like this get leaked?

    need to check there plumbing me thinks
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    I love those forums titles

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    Could this be the reason that 4.2 is so behind and the had to cut out abyssal maw? they're working on 4 major items at the moment, so they can release those at the end of the year on time?? D3!!!!

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    dat's one silly necro mr Alenoria :3

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    Well, another confirmation of the product schedule.

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    Think we can all agree that the slate is what they aim to go by as somone guy in china working for Blizz got fired for posting it....

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