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    Hot damn this is better than Wikileaks!

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    Titan = Mysterious MMO?

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    They really don't want you to kill Gamon...

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    This was from Wikileaks lol. Some Soldiers broke into Blizzard and stole it. Then posted it on Wikileaks real quick. tru story

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    That document has the mmo-champion green in it. Conspiracy, anyone?

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    Whoever posted that slate is going to get fired so hard like no tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakonblayde View Post
    Why not? They released SC2 and a WoW expansion this year. I'd doubt they'd be released the same quarter, but an expansion and a new game in the same year isn't exactly unfeasible. If they move the SC2 expansion to quarter 3, it'd be available roughly a year after SC2, which is reasonable, and then they'd get boatloads of xmas sales for Diablo
    Its just a XPAC for SC2! Diablo will be the hit for them in that year!

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    I think the "MMOFPS" thing is just rumormongering really. Whatever Blizzard may say about their project, they fully intend for it to wholly replace WoW. Notice how there are no wow expansions slated after #5? The traditional fantasy / rpg elements work best with the MMO genre. Blizzard knows this. WoW wouldn't have nearly the wide-scope appeal it does now if it were something like Halo.

    This isn't to say the new MMO won't be something completely new and separate from WoW, I just highly doubt it will leave the RPG genre. Maybe edge out a bit on fantasy but it will probably still be an RPG at its roots. But that's just me.

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    Interesting information bibs. Looking forwards to finding out more on titan and Pheonix.

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    Graphs kinda interesting... i might just keep it around to see how stuff ends up falling in line, but if anything they're still estimates and blizzard pushes back everything anyway, lol.

    Random, mean level 15 deer appeared in Teldrassil to the shock and awe of low-level players. They have been replaced with level 1 fawn.
    ^^ I however find that to be awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulabaloon View Post
    Uh.. Bungie actually started out on Mac, then PC. Never heard of Marathon, Myth or Oni? Too young I guess.
    has blizzard made a console game? yes, was it hugely successful? no

    same goes for bungie but other way around.. ofc one might have different definition what successful is^^

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    Fake and Gah!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgreenthump View Post
    has blizzard made a console game? yes, was it hugely successful? no
    Rock n' Roll Racing says Hi

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    I like how the new franchise is code-named after something we hear a lot about but never actually see.

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    While Titan is a good name.. and a MMOFPS is likely... and a partnership with Bungie.. is likely (via Titan and via 3rd partners). this leak is not a leak its fan made blizzard would NEVER i repeat NEVER use a ugly green Color or font like that.

    blizzard is better than this. ... but i do want to play there next mmo NOW!

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    SC2 Phoenix sounds so awesome! Hopefully this is something that would come out soon!

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    How do we know that Titan is an MMOFPS?

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    You just killed millions of kittens. It's like giving an AK-47 to a bunch of children (that don't live in Isreal).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volent View Post
    LOL gamon is buffed hardcore.
    Lol yeah i think we are the only ones who care more about it then some possibly fake possibly real chart that doesnt give more info or new forum titles.

    Cant wait to see them try and kite Gamon now!

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