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    2 Diablo 3 expansions? cool stuff... And how much you want to bet SC2 phoenix is another attempt at a fps or perhaps maybe a mini campaign to be bought and dled off the blizzard store...

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    Ashenvale quest achievement fix pls for the horde?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riokou View Post
    I'm sure some of you have seen the list of zones and expansions that has been around since before vanilla, and it's been followed pretty closely so far.
    Lol, that list was created after Wrath and it's zones was announced. How peope seem to think it is some older-than-the-game holy grail list is beyond me.

    Anyways, when I read the word Titan, I thought of the moon by that name and not the Titans of Azeroth

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    man that lineup looks pretty exciting hopefully it turns out to be real

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    If Blizzard asks any sites, let alone all to take this down, someone is getting fired, but at this point. Someone is still getting fired!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riokou View Post
    Reading the chart sort of sends chills down your spine. It really is a huge leak, and it's odd looking two and three years into the future.
    MOST of the stuff on the list is completely obvious. They've said they want to reduce the time between content patches, which results in faster WoW expansions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Riokou View Post
    It seems from the start, the plan was to make 5-ish expansions, ultimately ending with a max level of 100. I'm sure some of you have seen the list of zones and expansions that has been around since before vanilla, and it's been followed pretty closely so far.
    I think it will take years before people understand this, so I will use bold with some caps:

    The "LIST" of SUPPOSED WoW expansions was CONFIRMED FAKE.

    I'm not picking on you specifically, but a search on the internet reveals this in the first thread ever to appear on the topic:

    Hello everyone. I'm the OP, if you haven't noticed.

    With the announcement of Cataclysm, it seems the lifespan of my list has come to its end.

    It's odd how this list, which I wrote myself out of boredom on a fall morning, has taken on a life of its own.

    I wrote it in September of 2007, but some swear they saw it during the WoW beta in 2004. To boot, CMs on the official WoW forums deleted this list every time it popped up - at least until this year, when they suddenly stopped caring.

    Some things I predicted came to pass. Others didn't.

    I was sure I'd be proven right with a Maelstrom expansion, but it seems Blizzard has combined light elements of both the Elemental Planes and Maelstrom into one expansion. Gilneas and Grim Batol are in from the Maelstrom expansion, while the four elemental planes have been introduced - some only as raid dungeons, disappointingly. Why Blizzard has reduced the Firelands to a raid and expanded Uldum into a full zone is beyond me. If you ask me, they should have followed my lead.

    etc etc
    There is also -nothing- in this list that says WoW will end after the fifth expansion. In fact, many, many, many WoW players hate the RTSes from Blizzard and FPSes as well. Most people in my guild go "LOLFPS".
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    so there was a playable demo of Diablo 3 at blizzcon 2009. But we still have to wait another year to get it? WTF blizz. playable demo>>>3 years<<<<release. Thats a long ass wait for diablo fans. I mean polish is one thing, but if you polish a turd long enough its still a turd. Diablo 3 better be mind blowing amazing, or the chart better be wrong. This sort of thing for investors/executives/shareholders is 100% plausible.

    Its mind boggling that Blizz could keep any secrets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luph View Post
    I think the "MMOFPS" thing is just rumormongering really. Whatever Blizzard may say about their project, they fully intend for it to wholly replace WoW. Notice how there are no wow expansions slated after #5? The traditional fantasy / rpg elements work best with the MMO genre. Blizzard knows this. WoW wouldn't have nearly the wide-scope appeal it does now if it were something like Halo.

    This isn't to say the new MMO won't be something completely new and separate from WoW, I just highly doubt it will leave the RPG genre. Maybe edge out a bit on fantasy but it will probably still be an RPG at its roots. But that's just me.
    No, it's most likely not designed to replace WoW. Even so, stating that 'after' #5 we see no more predictions of releasedates is not a valid argument.

    Remember that Blizzard is a company renown for trying 'new things'. When RTS games we're in it's infantile state, Blizzard made Warcraft. And together with Westwood's Command and Conquer series, Blizzard made RTS games become a mainstream gender. They tried the same with adventure games with Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, but with it's cancelation that strategy failed. Then the company tried to gain a foothold in the world of FPS games by producing Starcraft: Ghost. We all know how that went.

    Five years later comes World of Warcraft, from the depths of their chamber. A game designed to hook in by the then slow rise of the MMO gaming genre. Though it had already a few titles and companies in it, that 'market' was still a niche. With World of Warcrafts release and popularity, they've now gotten that strong foothold in adventure gaming Chris Metzen always wanted. This by turning MMO's into a new mainstream type of game and even a whole standard for the industry to come.

    Notice how the FPS genre is still a 'target group' missing from Blizzard's list. Whatever the form of this new and freshly designed game from scratch; it will target the wallet of FPS gamers.
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    Really, do they say lolfps? The huge majority of people in the US enjoy FPS way more than RPG's/MMO's.

    Seems like more people say lolmmo rather than lolfps. Bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artus View Post
    Good find. I recall that Blizzard have said, just once, that it's secret MMO was based on an existing franchise. People did speculate that it could be Halo if it were to be a MMOFPS, but people really couldn't see Bungie really going for it.

    Also, since the project is around a year old minimum already, surely something would've let slip by now if it was a colab development. However, would Blizzard really trundle into the FPS market, with their first entry being an MMO version, without assistance from a company that knows what they're going with FPS games?

    It's all as plausible as it is unplausible.

    Either way, I loved Planetside for it's tactical teambased gameplay. Maybe Blizzard can show SOE how this should be done as well. Remember SOE, MMO=active development, especially when there's a subscription fee. No active development? You better get your asses in gear to make it free-to-play without some gimmicky marketing campaign.

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    Being a brazilian player this leaves me in an doubt: go or not to brazil servers?
    I'll prob not go and remain US as i'm successful with my american guild and usually not like playing with my country mates.

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    # The event for "The Battle for Darrowshire" properly resets after a failed attempt and the Relic Bundle will correctly trigger the event again after a failed attempt.

    Finally, only took em 6 years

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    where is it from? anyone else think its a clever fake? :S

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    This is intriguing, and very interesting.

    Next expansion in a year and a half ? Hell yeah. Sounds awesome. We would be looking at a new major patch every 5/6 months (like 4.1 in April/May 2011, 4.2 in October 2011, 4.3 and Deathwing in Feb 2012, and then BAM, Summer 2012, XPac #4.

    Do. Want.

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    It is retarded how long the wait for Diablo 3 and the Starcraft II expansion is going to be. I actually hate how boring Starcraft II's multiplayer already is and I heard that Heart of the Swarm was already being worked on while Wings of Liberty was being released but we still have to wait a whole year from now? Get your ass in gear blizzard. Additionally they have been advertising Diablo 3 for at least as long as Cataclysm yet it is still gonna be a year before we might see it? I know it's basically all theory since that timeline thing isn't supposed to be official but the kind of incompedence suggested by that timeline doesn't surprise me.

    It's going to be a pretty boring 2 years for Blizzard products after the momentary fleeting joy of Cataclysm has left. That and knowing that Blizzard puts less and less work into all it's mainstream stuff and more and more into useless money grabbing crap like the PetStore (see how we didn't get a pet this years aniversary but 2 pets were put in that stupid store for idiots to buy?) makes me loose faith in the whole companies work ethic.

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    Another year for D3... sheesh, they must have like a single artist and programmer working on it. That or the whole team fucks around all day and it takes a month to do a couple days' work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riokou View Post
    Reading the chart sort of sends chills down your spine. It really is a huge leak, and it's odd looking two and three years into the future.

    It seems from the start, the plan was to make 5-ish expansions, ultimately ending with a max level of 100. I'm sure some of you have seen the list of zones and expansions that has been around since before vanilla, and it's been followed pretty closely so far.

    Seeing the word "Titan" listed on its own at the bottom is definitely the most mysterious and exciting thing on there. It may or may not be an MMOFPS, but with Blizzard's capabilities and the time frame involved, it really could turn out to be anything. Without a doubt, it will be awesome.
    Given most of you don't work in software development, I would say you don't realize you're reading wayyyyy to much into this. This chart is some product manager's vision of the future. This doesn't account for funding for these projects let alone execution of the software development. And if Blizzard is like most software companies, WHICH THEY ARE, they don't have an unlimited supply of resources meaning if one or two of these slip, anything afterward could slip, be parred back or killed altogether.

    Bottom line, product managers look 5-10 years out. Software development doesn't because the technology changes too fast. This chart is a vision of the future, not a roadmap of what's to come and when. Still exciting to see what they're thinking though.
    Quote Originally Posted by MashTehKeyz View Post
    I sent Kil'jaeden an eMail bout an hour ago and let him know he can find Exodar on google earth and he replied "thnkx bro ima go blow it up now k?" but just now he sent back "pshaw its empty cept of < lvl 6 Draenei scrubs whatsa point /sad demon face. ttyl bff <3 KJ.

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    Where have you all been? It has been at least a year and a half that it has been known as Project Titan.

    As a sidenote, it could have been called project yellow so stop speculating on its meaning as a word. The project name is nothing special to know about and is needed when different depts. are talking to each other and one department is not in on the project, they still need to refer to the project by a name even if they are not told what it is.

    Furthermore...a lot of white space on that slide.

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    Bet Boub got this from wikileaks :>

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    this Sc2 x1 and Phoenix then x2 doesnt make any sense , D3 = must have ^^

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