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    SC 2 Phoenix = Lost Viking 2 ?

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    Interesting...VERY interesting...

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    As far as the dungeon questing goes I believe it's a good change. Post The Shattering I've enjoyed leveling and I've had to completely stop doing dungeons because more often than not I'd end up back in the area I was questing, only now my quests would be gray/green and I'd have to move on to the next area without getting closure from the previous one.

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    Ohh.. gamon is angry now

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    hmmm was thinking about Sc2 Phoenix, maybe its a book ?

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    Why don't they just give Gamon a ranged attack so that he can just destroy people and we'll be done with it lol.

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    I like that they spend more development time upgrading Gamon than they do fixing Isle of Conquest.

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    I had hopes for DIII around summer next year :< And also 2012 looks kinda boring atm but when looking at it that 3 games releasing at end of 2011, it is very probably they will move some dates further into 2012 - it would make sense.

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    Really, it does concern me that there haven't been a single word on the obviously bugged version of swipe each and every feral druid is running around with. While spending so much time on fixing Gamon..
    The real important stuff doesn't really seem to be on top of blizz "to-do-list". Sadly this is no longer exuseable by "new big patch" seeing it's already been almost a month..

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    Pretending that this is true... then Blizzard is extremely smart for making an MMOFPS instead of an MMORPG.

    If they made an MMORPG they would just be competing with themselves and it wouldn't do them much good in the end. With an MMOFPS, they can not only have most of their current fan base playing the game, but also a slew of new customers who dont care for WoW or MMOs but like FPSs. That way WoW and the New MMO "Titan" can co exist and Blizzard makes a hell of a lot more money.

    I still hope some day we get a Starcraft MMO though.

    As for WoW expansion release dates... yeah those things will be coming out every 2 years instead of 1 1/2 years as usual. Blizzard always delays things. Though I wish D3 would come sooner than a freaking year from now.

    And for those saying WoW is ending after the 5th expansion because a 6th is not listed... maybe they just don't know what to do for it yet or they don't have a time period for release date yet? Doesn't everquest have like 20 expansions?

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    Interesting... even it seems a little bit real to me, cause Blizzard is always saying that their New MMO won't take playerbase from WoW and those games won't compete so releasing WoW expo and new MMO at the same time is likely to support that statement.

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    omg julian assange now works for mmo-c!!

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    D3 in 2012?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....


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    WoW Brazil? Hell yeah, it's about damn time!

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    I hope to god that the new MMO isn't an MMOFPS.

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    Most of the slide actually makes sense, that Titan thing seems more like official announcement than actual release to me.

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    So is Titan different to Hydra? *confused* Or are they the same thing? After googling apparantly Hydra turned out to be D3? I must have missed that.

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    What is titan? the new mmo? And anyways, I thought W4 was going to be the FPS, instead of a mmofps...

    And imo the coolest thing is the map market.

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    it's just... WikileaksFAKE

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