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    PC or MAC

    what is a better computer, PC or mac my friend is raging and he wont stop arguing with me. what is everyone's opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlindSnow View Post

    Some people are going to say Mac, some people are going to say PC. It's about what suits your needs. Recording with Pro Tools or some shit like that? Go with a mac. A PC can handle about anything else you throw at it just as well. Personally I love my macbook pro and Mac OS X, but apple products are expensive, and that's why for a new computer I'm building a Windows machine which will slap the shit out of an iMac for half the price.

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    Matter of taste. There's very little real difference between the two on daily computing needs.

    On Mac you pay extra for design though, and can get slightly more powerful PC with same money.
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    A PC with OSX. We don't need another one of these threads though.

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