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    Could Titan be the Halo MMO that was being worked on?

    I found this very interesting article. Could be a coincidence... but you never know.


    It's well known that prior to being closed Ensemble Studios was working on a Halo MMO codenamed Titan.
    Monk added that since Ensemble's closure, some of the scattered staff have gone to Blizzard, including Greg Street.
    Also note worthy was that Bungie has joined up with ActivisionBlizzard.
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    Still waiting for Halo 3 for PC

    And I highly doubt that it would've been able to compete with WoW like Monk guy was bragging about.

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    The main reason why Bungie joined Activision-Blizzard was because of Blizzard's experience.

    But I think that the 3rd party Battle.net bit is actually for Bungie's next game not the rumoured (and most likely very, very poor) CoDMMO.
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    Halo could have a lot of potential for an MMO. The Halo Universe is actually pretty well done. It's only shown poorly in the games.

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    Could Titan be the Halo MMO that was being worked on?
    I hope to god not. There is too much potential in the premise of a new MMO, whatever it may end up being, to just recycle Halo into a MMO.

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    This is funny actually.
    Most of the Ensemble Studios Developers have made Project Spartan with Robot Entertainment - now known as Age of Empires Online that is a F2P Real-time Strategy MMO. But also they have another project yet to be unvailed - and as a few of you know, it's called Game 2.0 right now.

    Now, honestly. I would love to see an MMOFPS made by Age of Empires creators and possibly the greatest game Company I know, Blizzard.
    If it is a Halo MMO, that means it's moving to the PC, and that is even better (note, I've never been a Halo fan due to its console and the fact it doesn't have dedicated servers).

    It could be Call of Duty, and if it is, I will be very upset as many people have hated on MW2 and Black Ops (already). It's a shame really, I'm unsure how far an MMO for it will get (especially considering the general fanbase of CoD wouldn't generally go in that direction, however with the surplus of Blizzard Entertainment players, it would be worth it).

    Halo, please.

    However given Blizzards obvious talent and the fact they actually take in comments from their fanbase, it seems that any game they adapt / create will be fanfreakingtastic.

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    Didn't Blizz already try their FPS venture with Ghost? I'm wondering if Activision will end up spreading the Blizzard talent too thin and we'll end up with B- games instead of the A+ we are accustomed to.

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    If Titan is real and it is the unannounced MMO then I think it's not the game that most WoW players expected or wanted and a lot of them will be disappointed with it, and not move.

    I think they're trying something completely different. It sounds like trying to tap into the CoD/Halo marketplace with this one, while keeping WoW as their traditional RPG and most of it's playerbase intact.

    As for it being Halo, I don't think so, although if Bungee is part of Blizzard I would imagine that they will have consulted them on certain things, especially if it is a Sci-Fi game. Halo is arguably the best multiplayer FPS ever made and definetly the best Sci Fi multiplayer FPS ever made so it would be silly not to talk to them about it.

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    A Halo MMO? I'd doubt it. Halo has already done everything in it's plot it originally set out to do back in 1999, (human versus alien war, stumble unto alien artifacts, chase through the universe [though that was watered down from the original plan]) There's little an MMO could introduce, save a Human-Elite Cold War type scenario.

    If it was a Halo MMO, then it wouldn't be Bungie making it, since they are now moving into different games. It wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft wanted to make a cash-cow, well more of one, out of Halo and make a crap MMO though.
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    Titan is supposedly a brand new IP for the company, so I highly doubt it has anything to do with anything Blizzard or Bungie has already done, including Halo.

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