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    use the flight master in the city its self it will give you the free FP to the new village i forget how i discovered this but you need to take the 1 in the city...ita about 4 min flight so grab a snack.

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    Use the the quest says.
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    Seeing alot of these threads only makes me want to level both a Worgen and Goblin. Yay for Cataclysm! ^^;

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    Rephrased the OP for clarity. I have yet to figure this out.
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    I had the same issue, being human and needing to go to Darkshore. I took the boat from SW, but the flight master outside the pink portal wouldn't let me fly. As soon as I got the FP from inside the portal on the Darn side, I could fly to Darkshore.

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    Sometimes you have to talk to the flight master twice.

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    This was driving me nuts as well. I was trying to get to Darkshore as Draenei.

    1. Take boat from Azuremyst Isle to Rut'theran Village.

    2. Get Rut'theran flight point.

    3. Go into pink portal to get into Darnassus. Get Darnassus flight point.

    4. Once second flight point is learned from #3, you automatically learn the flight point to Lor'Danel.

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    Having trouble doing this as well. I just ended up flying from Lor'danel to Rut'theran Village and did not die due to fatigue. Surprised Blizzard just left us hanging here.

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    I asked the flight master in Rut'Theran first, and there was no connection, but then I went back into Darnassus via the pink teleporter and talked to the flight master right next to it and poof there was the flight to Lor'Danel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mempha View Post
    I beleive since there is now a flight path you wont get fatigue, so you can swim over. or else you'd get fatigued while on the flight path. I may be wrong though. :O
    Fatigue does not affect you while on a flight path, even if you're over an area where you would get fatigue if you weren't on a flight path.

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    As a horde I had to fly from darkshore to Teldrassil because I couldn't find the boat, it worked because I got there before the fatigue killed me.

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    You fly there...?

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    Yeah for horde, I had fast flying mount 310% fly from darkshore to Rut'Theran
    Then catch boat to vaalar's berth

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