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    Cataclysm servers?

    Hrm sorry if the title is misleading or anything i cant think of how else to say it.. haha

    So me and my friend were arguing about when the servers will go online.
    he says 12. but i heard it wont be up until 2 which kinda makes sense..
    So does anyone know when it will really go up?

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    /shrug Honestly I could see it being "Online" at 3 AM, that's what the Digital downloads are saying.
    WoW only has 10 million subscribers it must be dying! WoW sucks!
    I'm sorry no, clearly you didn't see Chuck Norris allowed 10 million to survive his Purge.

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    Realms will be online all day Monday, and the usual Tuesday maintenance will NOT be occurring, so they will continue to be online through the release of Cataclysm. At 12 AM PST (12-3 AM depending on you/your server's timezone), the realms will all switch over into Cata-mode. If you've done the digital upgrade you will be able to start leveling/training/questing right away. That is of course barring any emergency downtime or possible server crashes.

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