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    Where is the best spot for gathering Goldthorn?

    With the changes to the zones, goldthorn seems to not be present in some of the zones which I read up about Goldthorn being in. Where is the best place to get it, because I have had very little luck and it is literally the only herb I am having trouble locating. Help would be much appreciated.

    Edit: Also blindweed info would be great
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    I've found most of mine in Arathi. I've heard Hinterlands is also good, but have not yet visited since the patch.
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    I got like half a stack after circling Arathi for an hour, at that rate it would take around 5 hours to farm everything I need... seems a little silly to me

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    Prior to 4.03 I got my Goldthorn in Arathi ans STV. A bit hit or miss as you are seeing. For blindweed I would go to Swamp of Sorrow. Of course this could have changed since the patch.

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    This object can be found in Arathi Highlands (84), The Hinterlands (65), Stranglethorn Vale (60), Feralas (34), Dustwallow Marsh (27), The Cape of Stranglethorn (16), Badlands (9), Swamp of Sorrows (9), Razorfen Downs, Scarlet Monastery, Azshara (4) and Desolace (3).


    This object can be found in Zangarmarsh (45), Feralas (36), Western Plaguelands (14), Swamp of Sorrows (11), The Hinterlands (6), Un'Goro Crater (5) and Maraudon.

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    If you are farming Blindweed and Goldthorn, Feralas is the best place. Wowhead data is updated for that zone, and it's most likely that Blindweeds will respawn when you move between those two lakes. I farmed them at Feralas in the beta, and it seems it didn't change.

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    While lvling herb/alch after the patch on my tauren pally my lady and several guildies told me Arathi around the rim was the best place to go. What I actually found was the the outside had 1 or 2 total spawns, but the interior of the zone, all those rocky outcroppings everywhere were covered in the stuff. I also managed to get set on fire by Deathwing for the achievement. So it was win/win.

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    I tried to take your advice about Arathi, but I found myself 19 Goldthorns richer after 2 hrs farming. I even went inland. If that is the best place, Blizzard should do something about it. And yes; I was alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menkey View Post
    a goldthorn bush.
    I think I love you, that made my day.

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    some in south STV

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    Scarlet Monastery Cathedral.

    3 herb nodes will spawn between the first pool and before the door to last part and 2 of those are always goldthorn.

    So you can do that 5x per hour then swing back to Arathi Highlands.

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