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    Mage vs Priest

    I have an 80 mage already, and a 74 priest.
    i wanna pvp for cat so i was wondering witch i should go for?
    should i lvl my priest or just stick with the mage?

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    From what someone told me earlier tonight, mages pretty much own priests in any spec.

    Much to my dismay, I'd say mage.

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    Go with your highly OP frost mage.

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    For OP:ness - Mage

    For fun - Priest(Shadow Priest facemelterereres!)
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    yeah but frost isnt going to be this op for long. there gunna get nerfed soon.

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    They were already needed a bit. However, pvp at 85 isn't like pvp now. Don't assume more nerds until we've had time at 85.

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    as a mage that pvps occasionally I'd say go with spriest. as a frost mage they're the only ones I personally have problems with... stoopid fears >.<

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    mage is the obvious choice duh. Mages are the best class around so yeah simple choice right?

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    Well it's the priest forum, so of course people are gonna say priest for fun.

    If you're just looking for steering wheel action that requires no engagement with your brain, pick the mage.

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    Definitely fun level would be priest. So versatile

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    Meh, I play a priest, PvP quite a bit and I don't have much of a problem against frost mages. Broken AB's from Arcane [email protected] are another story.

    Imo - Priests have way more in the way of versatility outside of just PvP duels and 2v2 arena. They are great in 3v3 and 5v5, BG's and all PvE content. Mages are good in all of these things.... but in the same way....

    A priest can bring DPS to a raid, disc healing to arena and now Holy is even optimal for BG's with the right gear/spec. It's your call, just putting my thoughts out there.

    Later edit: those roles can be switched around however you see fit and they're still viable hehe.
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    Mage. Go.

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    Yes F mage are broken at 80, but spriest is good to, at 85 F mage wont even come close to kill you in one deep freeze, spaming lollance is like spaming moonfire before it was decent

    Lollance doesnt even have guaranted crit anymore on frost fingers, they are still good at 85, but not OP, just balanced, Spriest though they stay about the same, they dont really on crit from their lollance, they just outlast people with dots self heals and CC
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    i have a mage 80... op but really op but booooooooooooooring

    Play priest... have fun!

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    Ima say mage because grass is always greener over there. I had fun on the ptr watching and reacting to procs. (And not facesmashing arcane blast).

    But would I ever change my priest to a mage using a fictional class change service? Never :>

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    Having played my husbands mage a bit i'd have to pick priest. I am maybe a bit biased since I have been a priest since early TBC but they are alot of fun In the end it boils down to what you enjoy the most everyone is different

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    I'm actually in the same boat.. I love aspects of both in pvp and pve. I'm starting to lean more toward my mage for the simple reason that i love to be in control and with my mage, i feel that i'm always in control in pvp. Honestly we'll have to see how things pan out at 85. I don't care about which class is "easier" or more "face roll" but I have fun on both. I can say that I love the suvivability of a mage, not to mention you have dispells (Spell steal), ice barrier and mana shield (more problematic at 85 I'm sure) ice block. I dunno it just seems to me that you have more options then just omfg FEAR, spam heal..

    Going to take my chances with my mage Not to mention i'm sure there will be plenty of "humanoid / Beasts" to CC in instances and if i need to AOE my fire mage provides a better option then /tab dot, or lawlseer.

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    Depends on what your interests are in PVP.
    Like to switch specs from time to time and try something different for example healing?
    Or you like to focus on one spec and be the best with it?

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