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    can Event Horizon show dots not like bars but like smth else?
    No. It shows them as bars so you can see exactly when your ticks in the dots happen. Is slightly less useful now that when you recast a dot it just refreshes the duration instead of overwriting them. I still like it better than the other dot timers because it tracks the use/cd of mb and any proc trinks you might be using and the grafical interface conveys the information much more concisely for the way i think about things/play.

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    ForteXorcist is the best for tracking dots on multiple mobs.
    MFClip is amazing for single target, I use both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heriana View Post
    Hey guys. I was wondering what's a good add-on for keeping track of dot timers. I haven't played in about a year and a half. I downloaded dotimer but it just seems so cumbersome. I haven't taken that much time to try to customize it, but I was wondering if anyone uses a different add-on.

    I use InlineAura. It shows the timers directly on your hotbar. Example:

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    Thanks for the help guys/girls. I tried class timers as thats what I had used in the past, but it was overly simple compared to some of the other add-ons. I decided to go with ForteXorcist and MFClip as they seemed the best combination of single target and multidotting targeting.

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    Ah, I forgot to mention, a good addon for multi-dotting is DocsNameplates.
    They're a little hard to set up now, but once you get it working it will show the dot durations left on every nameplate that's in your field of view. I find it immensely useful.

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    Started using ForteXorcist a few months ago never gone back after that, been using Platebuffs lately as well which makes it far easier what target has what duration left on what dot. (lots of whats >.<)
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