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    where do i quest in cataclysm?

    Hi i'm trying to find the fastest way to level so if its possible to get the hundreds of people who played BETA cataclysm to tell me what place is best to level as in experience for example from level 80-81 u go to (insert place here) i would really appreciate it im trying to be first level 85 mage on alexstrasza thanks

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    I'd say Mount Hyjal

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    ok what level do i leave and where would i go after?

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    Well, there was a post on the frontpage some days back with a map and level requirements for the different zones.
    But the starting zones in cata is either Mount Hyjal, or Vashj.

    On a side note to, afaik there is no class realm first anymore. Just realm first 85. And professions server first.

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    They just took out the race realm firsts, class firsts are still in.

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    omg ty i love the map hope it works its a little off like in hellfire best time is at 61 n go to zangarmarsh but it gives me a better idea than me sittin in trade goin WTF WHY WONT PEOPLE ANSWER ME and realizing everybody is gone lol ty tyty ty

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