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    I've played as a pve disc priest since I was level 10, which was about 2 years ago. I went through some of the changes in BC, but primarily raided and adapted to changes as they came out in WOLTK. This is just another change - of all the differences in disc healing: heal>fheal, hasting POH with additional DA bubbles and so on, I'm finding adjusting to smiting the most counter-intuitive.

    I tend to look for a lull and smite to 5 stacks, pop then just heal away from there - I know that weaving it will "work magic" for me once I adjust, and I eventually will. That's what its all about though, simply adapting to the changes. I'm not overly efficient at it yet, but I hope to be. I've seen the discussion concerning "to take or not to take" but I think we are being led this way, and until there is a convincing gear/spec argument that leads me away from evangelism/archangel I plan to stick with it.

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    I weave smites into my healing (normally hasted under BT) as much as possible and maintain a 5 stack of evangelism so i know i can pop Archangel and get +15% healing when i need it most. With the changes to divine aegis AA + PoH can pull off some huge heals (and shields) and really help on heavy aoe (or on mechanics like infest)

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    yes its worth it, yes you spam it and you pop archangel every time its off only use your heals when smite isnt gonna cut it. might not look like it in wrath but you will see come lvl 81+.
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