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    valkyrie, very predictable but i guess it was a fun night out with friends. 7/10

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    10/10 because it made me laught so much
    8/10 the movie in general

    this one line made the movie for me, "YOU CANT FIGHT ME...YOUR MINIATURE"

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    The Avengers 9/10 they killed Couslon

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    Dark Shadows 6/10
    Avengers 8/10
    Moonrise Kingdom 9.5/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dellis0991 View Post
    The Avengers 9/10 they killed Couslon
    I'm not sure about that (Nick Fury is a pretty good manipulator)

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    Prometheus. 7/10.

    Really wasn't too bad. With all the negativity surrounding it I was worried that I wouldn't like it, but I did. As long as you go in just wanting to have fun then you'll like it. If you're going in looking to pick it apart then don't even bother. It's an action moving, not a thought provoking sci-fi piece.

    Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. 6.5/10

    After really enjoying the first one I was rather disappointed with this. It seemed to be rushed in the important parts and drag when it didn't need to. It's saving grace is really the last 20mins.

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    Madagascar 3. 10/10

    DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion advised. The above post is entirely fictional and purely for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to real life events, animals, humans, persons, politicians, or any other form of entity, living, dead or in any other state of existence, is purely coincidental. The author cannot and will not be held accountable for such similarities or any other parallels that are imagined and/or drawn by you, the reader, between the above fictional work and real life events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibbi View Post
    Madagascar 3. 10/10

    Can't wait to see it now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyc81991 View Post
    I really hope they make a sequel to it.
    They did. It's called Alien.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    They did. It's called Alien.
    Not really. Prometheus was intended to be a prequel to Alien but he decided to go off-road so its not technically a prequel

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    the clinic... 5/10....a horror film...I'm starting to believe there is a simple reason all these people end up in terrible situations such as being tortured, murdered held hostage etc....simply because they are all completely stupid...

    Someone just kidnapped me, stole my baby while i was pregnant and left me in a slaughter house where i have just seen a woman crawl along the floor and die because she had her stomach ripped out...the last thing i am going to do is go off exploring by myself 0o

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    Ive been downloading tons of movies from all sorts of genres Ill just give a short rating of each of the ones Ive seen recently

    A History of Violence (3/10) I dont understand how people say its a good movie, acting was poor and the story was flat out awful
    Bridesmaids (9/10) Pretty damn funny
    Cedar Rapids (7/10) Charming with a few funny bits, it isnt laugh out loud funny like comedy classics though
    Chronicle (8/10) Very well done much better than I was expecting goes from fun buddy movie to surprisingly dark action
    Despicable Me (7/10) Pretty expected family animation movie with some funny sequences
    Drive (2/10) This movie was awful, Ryan Gosling says about 3 sentences the entire film and falls in love with a girl he doesnt even do anything with.
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (8/10) Not big on love stories but this was very well done with a cool twist on the story
    Hot Fuzz (6/10) Wasnt really funny, the ending was unexpected and entertaining though
    How To Train Your Dragon (7/10) Solid all around although pretty expected storyline
    Hugo (3/10) I about fell asleep watching this, its extremely uneventful and plain. When you learn the secret in the movie your left wondering "this is it?"
    Ip Man (8/10) Great fighting sequences and a decent story semi based on real events
    Little Miss Sunshine (8/10) Quirky funny and oddly entertaining
    Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (8/10) Havent seen the past ones yet I was still able to follow this and was very entertained throughout
    Moneyball (9/10) Great movie with well done acting taking you behind the scenes to the strategy of forming a team
    Rango (10/10) One of the best animation movies Ive seen since Finding Nemo. Must see
    Shame (4/10) Its hard to make a movie with tons of sex and naked women seem dull and depressing. This movie manages to do it
    Sucker Punch (8/10) Suprisingly complex story arch to go along with the insane action sequences
    The Grey (10/10) Wasnt what I was expecting and I loved every second of it. It gives a great feel for the characters and a intense enticing story of human survival.
    The Hurt Locker (7/10) Very realistic outside of the main character's persona, the whole movie feels sort of pointless though. I left watching it wondering what any of it was supposed to mean or be about, if it had a purpose besides being diff events in Iraq strung together
    The Lookout (7/10) A unique story with weak characters
    The Prestige (10/10) Im a sucker for twists and this movie was filtered with it, never knowing what will happen next. Exceptionally done. Its one downside is that it can stretch the realm of reality
    The Raid: Redemption (8/10) Some of the craziest fights you will ever see. Its not much for story just brutal gritty action
    The Woman in Black (8/10) I assume you watch scary movies to get scared/freaked out. This movie will do that. What it lacks in violence and gore it makes up for in chills
    Tucker and Dale vs Evil (7/10) Good hearted gorey comedy. Odd combo but it works.
    Unstoppable (7/10) About as interesting as they could make a movie that only surrounds the story of a runaway train
    Up In The Air (6/10) Story had me lose interest near the end
    Warrior (9/10) Even though we already semi know the end how we get there is great and you get a real sense of where the brothers are coming from and what these fights mean to them. You will be rooting just as hard as the fans watching the fights.
    We Need To Talk About Kevin (5/10) I just felt dirty after watching this, like I needed to take a shower. Its so dark its almost hard to sit through. The mom does a nice acting job though

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    I have seen Prometheus, snow white and the huntsman and the dictator all within the last 2 weeks.

    Prometheus 4/10. First of all, it's an Alien prequel, but not a DIRECT Alien prequel. There is good reason to believe the will be a sequel to this particular movie that could further tie into a direct prequel to Alien, so hang tight. For me, the characters were poorly developed and the movie just had too many moments where I was shaking my head. It also had every single type of terror jammed into one movie and it felt like too much was mashed together. Overall, I did not enjoy it.

    Snow White and the Huntsman 6/10. Slightly above average, I would wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray... Kristen Stewart is clearly trying very hard to do more than just reprise her Twilight character. There is no awkward lip bite in the whole movie and I was looking for at least one.

    The Dictator 2/10. I really did not enjoy this movie at all and I was tempted to walk out, but since I was with my brothers and dad for Father's Day, I stuck it out. I know SBC is irreverent and purposefully offensive (and this movie is both) and I expected no less, but this just felt like he tried really hard and it simply didn't work for me. There were a few laugh lines, but mostly just a bunch of groan lines. I don't recommend this one at all.

    I forgot that I saw the Avengers on opening night, and I'd rate it a 9/10. Highly entertaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibbi View Post
    Madagascar 3. 10/10

    omg i didn't even know there was a 3rd one- yay

    Grace is Gone - 5.6/10 - It was very sad, with some good performance, wife teared up.

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    Flowers of War 10/10.

    I hated Christian Bale until I saw this movie.

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    The Color Purple: 8.5/10
    A good old-fashioned drama about a young woman in the early 1900, who becomes married to a fearless, almost tyrannic middle-age man, who treats her with no respect and rapes her for pleasure and for his own comfort. We follow Celie, a very young woman, through decades of her life, married to this monster. The movie depicts their relationship, and Celie’s thoughts about her long lost sister, and her dreams.
    Steven Spielberg directs flawlessly, and Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover, and also notably Oprah Winfrey deliver superb performances. A very touching movie.

    Project X: 6.5/10.
    I did not believe in this movie. I did not, and I hated it until the second half. The characters are partly clicheed and unlikable, and the script is very poor, and until the twist it seems like the movie is sucking for cheap laughs, but then the big twist comes, and I changed perspective completely. It suddenly became a piece of genius. The second half is definitely better than the first, and I think everyone who sees this movie will agree with me on that.

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    Pulp Fiction.
    Great movie. Nothing more I can say.
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    a little late I think, The Avengers 9.5/10

    It was a good movie, I totally enjoyed Downey Jr. (Iron Man) as usual, and Loki i liked as well. It was really cool and the jokes were funny, i'm amazed how they could fit all those hero's in the movie without one standing out over the others. however it's not a 10 because I had a difficult time understanding the story completely since i've only seen Iron Man 2 from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (after the movie i went on the internet searching on Thor's hammer Mjonir and why the Hulk couldn't pick it up).

    Avengers is one of the best i've see so far, Avatar is still the best though, looking out for The Dark Knight Rises (Batman is the only cool superhero from DC Comics). Just worrying if The Amazing Spiderman is going to be good with the new actor for Spiderman.
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    Movie Title: Prometheus
    Rating (out of 10): 7
    Review: (All of this is my OPINION and I am a harsh critic. Remember that.) Overall, the movie was "cool." It wasn't awesome, it wasn't amazing, but it did tickle my eyes. Which seems to be the goal of Hollywood these days. Special effects of course were pretty good, and the story was okay. It had some holes (which apparently will be filled in in the next movie, though I doubt it) and the connection to the original Alien movies was vague to say the least. There were also some really big mistakes that every person who is familiar with most sci-fi movies would automatically go "wow, these guys are stupid" or "they would not be allowed to do that" and of course in the action sequences, there were the "yea, right, that's very unlikely" or "that could never happen." It seems these days, anything sci-fi or magical is an excuse to just do whatever the hell they feel like with no regard for realism or basic physics, and the audience should just ignore it or not question it. So there were plenty of those moments in this, but by the end, I can admit it looked cool. And so that's where my review and rating lies. In the "eh, it was cool" department. It didn't engage my intelligence, or any real sense of mystery, and it only had minor intensity and "ew" moments. Which I of course just see as "cool." :P

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    Indie Game: The Movie 10/10
    Very fascinating and insightful look at the lives of independent developers. I really enjoyed this film and I now have a lot of respect for these developers. I had no idea how stressful it could be. Makes me even more thankful that things like the Humble Indie Bundle exist.

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