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    Kon-Tiki : 8/10, I thought it was pretty good.

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    Premium Rush - 8/10. Funny, and very entertaining. I enjoyed it a lot and Joseph Gordon Levitt is hot. :P

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    The Five-Year Engagement: 3/4
    A Simple Life: 4/4
    Silent House: 1.5/4
    The Raid: Redemption: 2/4
    Big: 3.5/4
    Cape Fear: 2.5/4
    Monster’s Ball: 3.5/4
    The Lucky One: 2/4
    The Woman in Black: 3/4
    The Expendables 2: 3/4
    Compliance: 3/4
    Men in Black III: 3/4
    Billy Elliot: 3/4
    House of Sand and Fog: 4/4
    What To Expect When You’re Expecting: 2.5/4

    Those are the movies I have seen since the last time I posted here.

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    i saw the possession a few days back, and it was one of those run of the mill "exorcist" type films with a twist. i thoroughly enjoyed my night out to see that 7/10.
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    the cabin in the woods ~7/10

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    Dredd 8.5/10

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    The Elephant Man.


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    Ventilation shaft. How do you know that?
    I watched Tron:Legacy (again)

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    Hostel 2: 3/10

    Pointless slaughter and the ending was poor.

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    I saw the new Batman some time ago, I must say it was better than I thought considering I'm not a big fan of Batman's new movies. I'd rate 4 out of 5.

    Next week I'm going to watch the new Resident Evil movie!!! I got my hopes up on how good it'll be ! If it sucks I don't care, it's just like the Avp, The Alien, The Predator franchise, if it sucks I still like it.
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    Prometheus (Yes im late) il give it a 6/10 it was a good movie its just i expected more from it and give a lot more answers then more questions.

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    V/H/S, 8/10. Best horror movie I've seen since Insidious, my friend and I were completely mindblown after watching it lol.

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    Last Film: Resident Evil: Retribution 6/10

    Last Trailer: Lincoln Trailer 7/10
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    Rec 3


    If it was a standalone movie, it may have been a 7/10. But compared to its 2 predecessors, its a complete letdown. Instead of a dark, scary atmospherely horror movie, it became just another silly zombie movie. A real letdown, now I just hope Rec 4 will do better.

    The Bourne Legacy


    Great movie, with some awesome acting.

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    watched Takers the other night, 7/10. newest I`ve seen is The Bourne Legacy, 8/10 as well, people said it wasn`t going to be as good without matt damon, but jeremy renner is amazing. really hope for the two of them in the same movie in the future.

    going to see RE: Retribution, I only enjoyed the first movie, Afterlife was total garbage... expecting to be very disappointed lol.

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    Glengarry Glenross again, still a 10/10 film for me.

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    I think its called the road. It's not all that new but its a great movie. 8.5/10
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    Total Recall 6/10, quite dissapointed to be honest, quite plain and I didnt find myself bothered about what happened to the characters throughout. The whole concept was cool though

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