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    cloud atlas 8.5/10

    really liked the idea of 6 storys, even if they aren't that much connected

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    Rise of the Guardians: 7.5/10

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    Skyfall 9/10

    It was great but mmmm....I felt like the story didn't follow through the particular theme they were going for. There was also too many things that were shown/introduced that were unnecessary and made me question why they used it going back and thinking about the movie. Action was great though.

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    The Cabin in the Woods 9/10

    I LOVE horror and this poked fun at just about every horror cliche which I thoroughly enjoyed. It managed to be funny at the right times and scary-ish when it needed to be. A great movie to watch with friends on Halloween after playing Slender in the dark and you're all still in the mood for some horror-themed fun. My first Joss Whedon film as well..and now I love him and must watch his other films...

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    Saw the last Twilight. 7/10. On par with the rest of the Twilight films so....whatever your opinion is about those, this one is no different. The fight scene could have been a zillion times more epic but none of the films in the series had really epic fight scenes, either.

    Also I finally decided, I'm team Jacob.

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    Skyfall: 9/10

    Having never seen a James Bond movie (don't kill me), I was quite surprised by this. The action scenes were not over the top, acting was top notch and everything just flowed so smoothly. I'll have to check the others out soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    For anyone seeing Life of Pi, how does it compare to the book? Having actually read that my graduating year, I'm curious and a little concerned at how well certain elements would actually translate from the book onto film.

    It's nice seeing people enjoy it, and great to see amazing reviews all freaking over the place, but how does it fare up to the source material?
    I have this question myself. I read the book in 8th grade and it...shook me to say the least. Definitely more graphic and mature than anything I had read at that point. I don't remember it being PG material...

    I'd like to take my siblings to see it, but I'd like to clarify first.
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    I picked Biden because he may throw Obama into the Death Star's reactor core, restoring balance to the Force.

    Now having a ball on SWTOR!

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    I took my GF to see twilight part 2 and I'd rate it a 7/10.
    Kept me entertained

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    Red Dawn - 4/10. There were a few moments of action that made it watchable. The premise which is the same as the original is great, a foreign country invades and occupies the US and locals rebel. I am not against remakes but the quality of this movie is noticeably inferior to the original (maybe rose tinted glasses here, it has been a few years since I have seen it).

    Lincoln - 8/10. Some great acting as expected but also a truly entertaining look at a great moment in US history. This rating may go up with time and a rewatch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davendwarf View Post
    I have this question myself. I read the book in 8th grade and it...shook me to say the least. Definitely more graphic and mature than anything I had read at that point. I don't remember it being PG material...

    I'd like to take my siblings to see it, but I'd like to clarify first.
    The way the movie is set up is that you know the violent acts occur, but it doesn't actually show them. When Richard Parker or the hyena are eating the zebra, the camera is set up so that you can see them hovering over the body, but you don't see the blood/intestines/etc. You get the idea. It's obvious what's happening, but we don't see all the gory details.

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    Sideways - I've seen this one a bunch of times, and just re-watched it this weekend because it was on. 9/10, one of my favorite movies ever.

    Get Low - quite a good movie, better acting than I was expecting overall, especially from R. Duvall. 7/10
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    Lincoln ????/10

    I went to go see the 9:30 showing tonight and entered the theater 10 minuets late in order to skip the previews. The actual movie was already rolling and the theater was full, so I quickly sat down on the front row without trying to find a better seat. I had clearly missed some already, but surely I'd catch up to what was going on soon. 15 minuets later the credits roll. Turns out I walked into the 7:15 showing accidentally.

    I give myself a 0/10

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    Last movie I saw was Christmas Angel that I saw last night. I'd give it a 10.

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    The Dictator


    Quite a short movie, but still somewhat more funny then most modern new comedies. My favotie scene is the helicopter one, and my favorite line was ''Oh its a girl, where's the thrash can?''

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    Skyfall: 9/10

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    Intouchables (France, 2011). 9/10, must see.

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    Skyfall 9/10

    One of my favourite Bond films. Fantastic bounce-back from the borefest that was Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale. The only thing it didn't have that all Bond films used to have (the only thing keeping off a 10/10) is the lack of Bond style gadgets.

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    Lincoln - 10/10

    I don't have to write a review, there are hundreds. This film is a top Oscar pick.

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    Rewatched Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. 10/10, I love clever camp.



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    Shankshaw redemption, 10/10. Absolutely awesome movie, didn't get me as emotional as the green mile.

    The twist at the end was absolutely fucking awesome, pardon my French, and the way it concluded just left a complete smile on my face

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    Lincoln 10/10
    Daniel Day Lewis never fails to blow me away with his performances.

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