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    All these good reviews for the Hobbit...awesome, film is playing across the street from my house so I'm pumped. Glad to read that people think Freeman did a good job, I was kindof skeptical as to how he'd do after watching a few of the previews.

    The Shining -- 8.5/10, continuing my Stanley Kubrick marathon. Loved Jack Nicholson but Shelley Duvall was just...I can't put my finger on it but there was something off about her performance, it wasn't bad but it could have been better. The ending was interesting, I don't remember it being in the book...lots of differences from the source material in general but everyone here probably knows that, I'm probably the last person on earth who hasn't seen this movie :P

    Dr. Strangelove and Clockwork Orange next.

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    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 10/10

    I could easily had sit for another 3 hours in the chinema after the ending, this movie is way better than I expected. The movie already deserved 10/10 from the very beginning, it was so awesome to hear the familiar music and see great characters like Bilbo and Gandalf once again, and the Dwarven capital city of Eredor was astonishing. One of my favorite parts of the movie was definatly the Dwarfs, they were exactly how dwarfs were supposed to be like and some of the most likeable characters you could imagine.

    The only negative thing I can say about the movie is that I have to wait for the next movie to be released, I'm pretty sure this is going to be the first movie I'll watch twice in the chinema.

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    The Hobbit - 10/10. Don't listen to the critics, they have no idea what they are talking about.

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    So, would someone who has watched absolutely zero LotR movies still enjoy The Hobbit? Should I make a point to watch the LotR movies first, or would I get as much enjoyment without watching them first?

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    The Hobbit 10... ah THATS NOT ENOUGH !

    12 / 10

    I did not want it to end, I cursed that damn ending, I did not want to stay up from that Cinema chair. In comparison with almost every film thats based on a book, the hobbit is so god damn close to the original book that I have in my hands right now. (Started reading right after the cinema to compare).

    The music was absolutely fantastic, did not expect something else. I did watched it in 2d and still, looked pretty awesome.
    WATCH IT !

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    Quote Originally Posted by icedwarrior View Post
    So, would someone who has watched absolutely zero LotR movies still enjoy The Hobbit? Should I make a point to watch the LotR movies first, or would I get as much enjoyment without watching them first?

    well the hobbit is set before the LOTRO films, so you wouldn't miss out on anything by not watching it, but they are good films, you should watch anyway
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    It was loads of fun and lots of good music. The acting was great as well. My only complaint is that the villainess seemed to change her tune rather quickly and easily. Loved that Iggy Pop was in it. Shame that he didn't sing anything.

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    The Hobbit 15/10. saw it not in 3D. Going next Saturday to see it again in 3D
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    The Hobbit. 9/10

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    The Hobbit 100/10

    Absolutely amazing, Jackson did it again. Clearest most vivid images I've ever seen in a film and the most perfect 3D ever, combined with what is without the aforementioned the first part of one of the best films ever made.

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    to break the Hobbit nerdgasms (no offense! I like the movie)

    Clockwork Orange -> 10/10 Nothing will equal this masterpiece for me.
    The Dark Knight -> 7/10 Heath was good, not that good. Prefered the first movie (but Scarecrow is my most beloved villain)
    I spit on your grave -> 6.5/10 Only the way she murdered people was intruiging
    Human Centipede -> 8/10 Would've been better if the ending didn't feel so rushed.
    Human Centipede 2 -> There are no numbers to describe this.. -2/10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icedwarrior View Post
    So, would someone who has watched absolutely zero LotR movies still enjoy The Hobbit? Should I make a point to watch the LotR movies first, or would I get as much enjoyment without watching them first?
    Technically watching the Hobbit first works well.

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    Prometheus: 6/10

    Had a lot of potential but went in too many weird directions. Too many characters did things that real people wouldn't do. Really takes you out of the story. Idris Elba was the best part of the movie.

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    Was Hobbit REALLY that good? I couldn't stand the LOTR movies, but then again I watched them when I was younger.

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    The Hobbit 10/10
    Seven Psychopaths 9/10

    Both great movies, 7 psychopaths has some rly rly funny bits and a few twists i definitely wasn't expecting. Hobbit as i hoped was brilliant, just wounded i have to wait a year for the 2nd 1 now

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    the hobbit - 9/10
    it was excellent, gave it a 9 cause although the 48 fps version was amazing it still needs some tweeking i think

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    The Hobbit


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    21 Jump Street - 8/10

    A movie about 2 high school kids, one cool and hip, one nerdy and awkward.
    Well, that's the movie for about 5 minutes, then we go 7 years forward in time.
    These two had each of their problems with high school, the nerdy kid didn't get any friends or girlfriends, and the cool kid got denied proms and parties because of his grades.
    They became best friends 7 years later at police academy, but because they sucked so bad at being the stereotypical "tough policeman", they got kicked to an amateur-ish espionage mission instead, hidden in a korean church on 21. Jump Street.
    The boss there got news about a new drug spreading across the local high school that both the kids went to, and they got a mission.

    The verdict: This movie cheeses everything, with stereotypical black characters, stereotypical cool/nerdy characters and stereotypical high school-romance plots. It feels like a Disney movie with guns and drugs, but it's kind of a sweet feeling, because I never liked anything real-action Disney made that involved high schools.
    They made it with the intention of being cheesy, so if you want something to laugh at that isn't standup, this is a solid choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exileos View Post
    21 Jump Street - 8/10
    I also really enjoyed this. Packed with hilarious role reversal played by two absolute naturals at comedy, this was a great buddy flick. Light, funny, and even endearing, this movie hit all the marks it aimed to hit. Comedies don't have to be deep or intricate, they just have to make you feel good. I highly recommend this if you're just looking for a fun time.

    For a comedy I'll give it at least an 8/10 as well. There aren't a ton of comedies that I enjoy more than once, but I've seen this a couple times now and it's still pretty funny. There's just some really great buddy chemistry going on in this movie, and it's refreshing for a comedy to not use bathroom humor every third joke.
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    Mammas Pojkar (Swedish Title) / Metal Brothers

    Even though the story is completely pointless and dull, cheap and stereotypical jokes will keep you somewhat immersed. Once the credits roll you will not care one bit for the characters or their tale(s). The puns towards the religions society/societies in Sweden are old and boring, and the "Jesus-character" draws a whole point from the total score. The main characters, 40 year old men acting as 35 year old metal-heads acting as 12 year old kids, are so unrealistic it will just confuse further. This movie was old twenty years ago, and will only totally amuse a handful. 3/10

    Silver Linings Playbook

    Silver Linings Playbook is a movie that tries too hard to be original when it's actually far from it. The acting isn't necessarily bad (albeit uneven, which causes confusion amongst the audience), but the writing and screenplay has been done and redone a million times before. The story follows a troubled, psychologically torn man right after he is released from a mental institution. It's not a bad place to start, but once this man, played by Bradley Cooper, meets up with a young attractive woman the movie is done. 4/10

    Jack Reacher

    This is a movie by Tom Cruise, with Tom Cruise, for Tom Cruise. I have never before seen such an egocentric action movie in my entire life. If taken less serious this is borderline a comedy - fairly enjoyable too, but as it stands it's just another action flick starring Tom Cruise. If I was Tom Cruise, it would have been an easy 10 - however, I'm not. 4/10

    Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

    A vampire/horror action flick vaguely based on American history? Fun for some, completely rotten for others. I did enjoy some bits and pieces, but except for the fact that you get to see an iconic person from American history swing an axe into monsters the movie is fairly pointless. 4/10
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