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    Les Miserables - 10/10. Best movie I've seen this year, hands down.

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    Book of Eli. 7.5/10 I liked it Mr Washington was pretty badass

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    Miracle 10/10 the goosebumps on my skin becomes so huge when USA beats soviet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wynnyelle View Post
    Les Miserables - 10/10. Best movie I've seen this year, hands down.
    Exactly what this guy said. That movie was incredible. The audience in my theater (which was around 50 people at 4 in the afternoon) actually applauded.

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    I have seen so many movies since last I posted here that I can’t even bare to post my reviews for them all.. will just write a little about a few of them.
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower. 4/4. I consider this one of the best films of 2012. Now, what really got to me was the way the director (who also wrote the book) cared for it, how emotionally the journey of these characters suddenly turned as we followed their lives. Almost everything in this movie rings truth. The three main characters are portrayed beautifully by Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and the outstanding Ezra Miller, who steals every scene he’s in. This is a feature film debut for Stephen Chbosky, and it is that rare raving success of a film directed by the same person who wrote the book. Great crowd-pleasing coming-of-age story, which silently draws you into the highly relatable lives of three college students, in a way that will quietly sneak up your back, leaving you emotionally invested by the end of it.

    Flight. 3.5/4. I went into this film almost blind, not knowing what the plot really was, and what the premise was. Just 5 minutes in I was emotionally invested, and soon I stopped seeing Denzel Washington as an actor, but more like a character, which is one of the best compliments an actor can get. This movie was not at all how I had expected. It starts out as a thriller, but turns into a mesmerizing character study about an alcoholic pilot, who lies his way though life. You might have heard of the now-famous plane crash scene. It is stunning. I actually forgot I was watching a movie somewhere during the scene, and when it ended, I was all weirded out. This is a great film with fantastic direction by Robert Zemeckis, who with Flight made his return to live action, and also houses one of the year’s best performances in Denzel Washington, who goes all in as a flawed, though humane alcoholic, and quietly navigates the audience through a subtle film about alcoholism. This is one of his best performances, and we all know there are plenty of those.

    Taken 2. 1.5/4. Yes, I watched it. No, I did not enjoy it. At least not that much. Of course it was enjoyable, I had some fun watching it. It is Liam Neeson slaying Albanians for Christ sake. But while this movie is slightly enjoyable, it is also horrible, and horrendously executed. This is what we call a “cash-grab”. There was no need for a movie like this. It is just another entry in the growing pile of uninventive, uninteresting, standard action flicks. There are so many scenes in this movie where I was consciously reminding myself of how stupid it was. Grenade-throwing scene, I am talking about you. This was my rant of the week, now let me go back to watching films that matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    Really? XD

    I thought he did pretty weird, and his whole look suited the "freak" role pretty well in my opinion.
    well he was playing an exaggerated version of himself, a creepy weirdo obsessed with guns and feet

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    Saw Django Unchained today and it was absolutely marvelous. There was not a single bad performance, the comedy and drama were well balanced and paced perfectly. Some claim that it is a bit of a long film at a hair over 2 1/2 hours, but I thought the storytelling and the presence of the characters kept my attention and moved the film along just fine. As with other Tarrantino films, cinematography was brilliant, score and soundtrack superb, and as aforementioned, there was not a single bad performance by any actor in the film. Naturally, Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx were a great match, but I found Samuel L Jacksons performance particularly engaging, as he does a lot of "Samuel L" type stuff, but you can actually *feel* him go beyond that to play the character not as himself, but truer to role.

    9.5/10, as I believe there is no such thing as perfect, but in my world, in this genre, this is as close as they come.

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    The Hobbit. Solid 10/10. I loved the movie in general and especially loved the soundtrack. I also think dwarves are awesome, and they play a pretty major part, so there's that. I felt like a kid again for a couple of hours when I saw it.

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    Django Unchained. 10/10.

    And if you think its racist then you don't know American history.

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    Life of Pi. -10/10. I am SO glad I wasn't the one paying for it. I watched the Hobbit for the second time immediately before that (we did two movies), and of course give that a 10/10.
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    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    Rating: 8
    Review: Really a lot of fun though I think it could've been better made and focused a bit more on the kidnapping, it all felt so rushed.

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    Cleopatra (1963) 5/10. Ergh, bit of a stuffed pomposity filled Christmas Turkey if you ask me. I hope I'll soon get employed as one of those single phrase caption reviewers in TV listing magazines.
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    I watched Total Recall.
    It seemed kinda pointless, if you're gonna make a remake, at least make it better than the original? 5/10 or somewhere around that.

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    Watched Dinosaur today.

    10/10 of course. I would never dare to give it a lower score than that. Childhood movie ftw.
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    A beautiful mind 10/10

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    Looper 9/10.
    You can't go wrong with time-travel SF.

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    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. 6/10

    First, they tried to fit too much story into one movie, as Hollywood is so very prone to do. Next, they absolutely ignored the story of Bane. They barely brushed over Talia al Ghul, who, in my opinion, is a much more intriguing character than Bane could ever be. I thought Marion Cotillard played the part well. I love Anne Hathaway but Catwoman was a dead character. She was... just... there. No depth. The action was great, and for what it is worth what they did write was cleverly crafted. I think it would have been much better without Bane and Catwoman and more Talia, the League of Shadows, and Ras. Because he is immortal. They should have gone back to where it all started in the first movie and expanded on that.
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    The Hobbit: 9/10

    Silent House: 7.5/10

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    Skyfall: 7/10

    Although this was a pretty decent movie over-all, it was rife with physical inaccuracies.
    Yes, I know it is a James Bond film and this should be expected but it still made me enjoy the film less.

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    The Hobbit. 9/10.

    People had issues with it, but I thought it was near perfect. I would have cut maybe 30mins so it was a bit tighter but that's about it.

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