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    Zero Dark Thirty - 9/10

    I smell a few Oscars for this gem!

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    The Hobbit - 100/10

    How can nobody like this movie?? It's pure escapism. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer, can't believe its almost a full year until the next installment. Some people said the opening scenes were too long, but I disagree. I think the whole point was to show that Bilbo's life was so humdrum. Gandalf remembered a young hobbit that wanted adventure, but found an older hobbit that had settled into his life. I think rushing the opening wouldn't of conveyed this, after those scenes it's pretty much an action fest with amazing visuals and characters.

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    Just finished watching Titan A.E., and suffice to say, I enjoyed it of course.


    Felt really good watching this movie after so long, hehe. Very good.
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    The Hobbit


    Movies like these just deserve a 10, LoTR have yet to dissapoint me. I can't wait to see the next installment already.

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    Django Unchained 8.5/10
    One of the best movies made this decade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Tygry View Post
    Les Misérables

    I thought Jackman was okay; I'm a stickler for "on-the-beat, no deviations" when it comes to the score but I knew I wouldn't be getting that going in so I'd made my peace. At times, it seemed that he didn't quite have the range needed. I really enjoyed Hathaway's performance as well as the interpretations of Eponine, the Thénadiers and adult Cosette. This Enjolras felt weak to me-- I wouldn't follow him into battle. I was distracted by Cohen's decision to use a bit of a French accent (the actress who played Mme Giry in Schuemaker's PotO did the same thing) in a musical where the characters would actually be speaking French.
    I did not like Crowe at all-- yelling, and weak yelling at that, is not singing. I wasn't expecting Philip Quast quality but I've never heard such a boring take on 'Stars'. Javert is my favorite-- I really wanted to like Crowe in this.
    Marius was forgettable to me-- not enough emotion but still better than the Jonas brother (who seemed incapable of making eye contact with the other performers). Gavroche was well-cast.
    The sets were gorgeous. I didn't like a lot of the hand-holding going on (do we really need an additional TWO reminders that Eponine is a Thénadier? If so, why no mention that Gavroche is also a Thénadier but chooses to live on the street?) We saw a few places with added segments while some of the exposition that was already in place felt very rushed to me.
    I appreciated their giving Wilkinson a cameo as the bishop (and maybe I'm paranoid but I thought I detected a hint of 'I can put Jackman in his place any day of the week' from him when Valjean was brought back with the stolen silver=)) but I don't like that they chose to REPLACE Eponine with the bishop at the end. Have all three but don't take her out!

    I'll be interested to see if Mackintosh decides to work on Miss Saigon now.

    Same here, Les Miserables was the last movie i have seen, and i really liked it, but i didn't saw the original as you so for me it was a 9/10

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    Gangster Squad


    Sean Penn playing an awesome villain? Check.
    Josh Brolin kicking ass? Check.
    Ryan Gosling being Ryan Gosling? Check.
    Emma Stone. Check.

    Great characters, great action. Great movie.
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    Dark Knight Rises.

    Easily a 9/10.

    Just a really great way to wrap up the trilogy, tying up loose ends and giving speculative stuff on who will become who, who lives, who thrives, etc. Bane... I'd rate him 2nd in the villain category (first being Joker). My real only negative is the fight between the 2 at the very end. Felt... fake, in a way.

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    Trollhunter: 7-8/10, its relatively high rating is mostly because it was better than expected and I'm a fan of the left-behind-videotape/horror movie genre aka Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project. It was missing some artistic touches that would have made it a massively huge hit, such as the wait to reveal the monster in its entirety in Cloverfield until the right dramatic moment, or the weirdly creepy as f*ck ending in Blair Witch, which somehow managed to give me nightmares for a week after I saw the film for the first time (I was young when it came out in theatres, don't judge me). Ultimately Trollhunter was a good premise that suffered from poor execution via a script that needed some massive editing, that was only improved upon somewhat by the slightly above average acting. The cinematography was excellent, though--Norway is gorgeous. It's worth at least one watch if you like the genre.

    Les Miserables (2012): 3/10. Was dragged along to go see this for a second time with some family members; was hoping to find some redeeming value a second time around but was for the most part unsuccessful. The Liam Neeson version was just so much better. The poor quality of singing in this version from some actors was distracting. In fact, most of the film was oddly distracting from itself. Perhaps it is because I am generally not a fan of musicals...I think it was something else, though. Also, Hollywood should really not hire actors to star in a MUSICAL if they can't even hit their notes correctly, get someone slightly less famous but can at least somewhat carry a tune next time.

    Jhango Unchained:10+/10 extremely well done, Tarantino's best work ever with the exception of Pulp Fiction. Very pleased with how this film turned out. My only complaint is that the amount of bloodshed in the film (particularly in the final scene) is rather restrained in comparison to Tarantino's other works; probably because samurai swords weren't involved in this film. Oh well, still exceptional.

    Continuing my Kubrick "marathon" from a few weekends ago...

    Dr. Strangelove: 10/10 my favorite work of Kubrick's so far. Why couldn't all of his films be like that? Its campiness gives it a nearly timeless quality; I can't imagine what it was like to see this film when it was first released, in the heat of the cold war and nuclear arms race. Perhaps it wasn't so funny to viewers back then; perhaps not. In any case everyone should see this.

    Watching Lolita next; should be interesting.

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    Lucky Number Slevin 8/10

    watched it on TV yesterday....for 3rd time. I think the movie is good, nothing to special, worth watching only if you have absolutely no expectations.

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    The Hobbit, 9/10, better than what I expected. A very good surprise !

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    Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 1/10

    How this one did get 4.3/10 on IMDB I will never know. Horrible! Now I am pissed off.

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    13 Assassins = 8 / 10
    Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes.
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    Zero Dark Thirty
    I went into the theater with high expectations because of all the buzz and I came out completely satisfied and blown away with how well the story of the hunt of Osama Bin Laden was told. I loved the matter of fact way they put everything, in the sense that they showed everything how it happened without trying to throw political agenda in the movie that many movies like it try to do. The lead up is completely absorbing making its intense finale such an impeccable ride making you almost feel the relief you see Jessica Chastain's character feel in the end.

    Speaking of Jessica Chastain her performance as Maya was fantastic and places her as the front runner to win the Oscar for Best Actress. It's awesome to see her transform and mature her character just like you might expect from a rookie. Although there is really only one (maybe two) other characters that really end up having any development since the majority of the movie is spent with the camera on Chastain.

    Finally, I will end saying although some may be annoyed with the slow build up to the wonderfully intense finale, this is a movie everybody should see, not just because it is really good (although maybe not the best of 2012, yes this is considered a 2012 movie), but because of the relevancy of the events it shows you and it's good for any citizen to know exactly what their government has done to get the job (that ultimately needed to be done, in my opinion) done.

    9.5/10 for an extremely thrilling, intense, and informative Zero Dark Thirty.

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    Les Mis - 7/10 I don't think it came together as well as I would have liked and it didn't move me as much as I had expected still worth the price if you like musicals.

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    Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers (extended). 8/10

    I love all the movies. Like the first one more though.

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    Killing Them Softly - 9/10; great characters and acting + one incredible assasination with slow mo and bullet time. Im a little bit surprised the movie only scores 65-70 on RT. Its a really interesting movie wich could have scored a nomination for best Cinematography.

    -8.5/10. After ten minutes i realised how much ive missed Tarantinos quirky characters and dialogues. A hooded Don Johnson in one of the best scenes of the year. As often with Tarantino i think he looses the grip abit towards the end - its funny how inspired he seems to be when writing characters and their dialogues but then often seems to follow a template for endings.

    Zero Dark Thirty
    9.5/10. Best movie of 2012 imo. Very exciting and credible - havent seen all the nominated movies yet, but if Zero get Oscar for best movie and Jessica Chastain for best actress i would high 5 the academy. Bigalows combat scenes is on another level btw - every action movie director should watch the last 45 minutes of Zero and learn how to create intense and realistic warscenes without the use of gasoline explosions and flying bodys. Its almost like watching documentary.

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    Inglourious Basterds (since the hype around Django, I'm just watching some older Tarantino films to get in the mood).
    Have to say, it was better then I remembered, so have to give it a 9/10 (would've been an 8/10 by memory)!

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    Jack Reacher, suprisingly good with an interesting enough plot and action and Tom Cruise managing not to be anoying 7.5/10
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    Evangelion 3.0: You can (not) redo [ultra-low quality camrip] - Mindfuck/10; honestly, there were so many WTFish moments in the film! I think it was really good, tho.

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